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An interview with The Bays

They don’t release records, don’t rehearse and only play live, but for the people who know of them, The Bays are essential purveyors of one of the edgiest musical experiences around, driving John Walters to write in The Guardian: “The Bays remind you that music is about experience rather than shopping.”

The band gig tirelessly, fully committed to what they love every appearance is completely and utterly unique – and there’s no commercial agenda, no album to push, no marketing hype. Each gig is about the moment, the experience, a shared excitement between these primal beat-wizards and their growing throng of fans.

I spoke with keyboard player, Simon Richmond to find out what makes the band tick. Once again this was published in print earlier this year, but the title is now out of print.

Q: When, where and how did you all get together?
A: The Bays membership and sound has been evolving for about the last seven years. The current line-up: Andy Gangadeen, Chris Taylor, Jamie Odell, Simon Richmond has been going for nearly five years. The band came together after a series of spontaneous jams trying out bringing musical instruments together with sound sources and devices less often associated with live performance. The idea was to fuse the “music” and the “science” and show how both could work together at performance level.
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