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O2 UK losing exclusive iPhone deal Oct. 9?

etre-touchy-iphone-medMobile Entertainment has seen documentation that states O2’s exclusive deal on the iPhone will end on October 9.

This opens an opportunity for other carriers to offer the device in the UK. At present, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile are all thought to be making a play to offer the device through their networks.

ME adds its “sources say that O2 may retain sole rights to the recently launched iPhone 3G S.”

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Shazam service opens up mobile music

Shazam has today announced that its service  can be fully integrated with operators’ music stores to allow users to download tracks directly to their handsets, with T-Mobile the first operator to integrate Shazam with its own music store on Samsung’s new music phones.

The Shazam service is now embedded into Samsung mobiles, including the latest Beatb (model: M3510) and the Beats (model: M3200) mobiles.  The Shazam application on Samsung’s new phones allows users to seamlessly discover music simply by holding their mobiles to the tune for just a few seconds and then go on to buy identified tracks through operators’ dedicated music stores.
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T-Mobile plans anti-Apple app store

It appears T-Mobile US may have a plan to emulate Apple and its applications store with an App Store of its own.

Multiple sources have apparently hinted at such a move in talks with Moconews.net, with T-Mobile apparently hatching a plan to launch an app store across its entire range of phones.

“Think of Apple’s App store, but for the entire carrier’s handset line-up from smartphone to feature phone.
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T-Mobile challenge for iTunes films

T-Mobile will challenge iTunes with its own video-on-demand service for full length video, including film.

The company plans offering a dual service in which content can be watched using a mobile phone or a computer, New Media Age reports.

T-Mobile is currently discussing its notion with a variety of content suppliers, including Ministry of Sound, EMI, ITV, Universal and Warner.
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