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iPhone is the mobile web

old_mobile_phoneWith 8 per cent of the smartphone market, Apple’s iPhone generated 43 per cent of mobile Web requests and 65 per cent of HTML site requests from within the smartphone category, the latest released AdMob stats claim.

AdMob, the world’s largest mobile advertising platform, compares smartphone market share to mobile Web usage to determine that smartphones accounted for nearly 3 times more usage than their relative market share in its April 2009 Mobile Metrics Report.

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Apple + Symbian in iTunes tie-up? Surely not

It may sound insane, but the latest impossible Apple rumour claims Cupertino is developing iTunes for Symbian-powered S60 smartphones.

We’ll believe it when we see it, but the claims – which even come with screenshots – suggest the new iTunes for Symbian software will be made available next year. And yes, it’s probably all fake..

The claims grow even more unlikely when the report states that the software will include API code licensed by Apple from Nokia designed to increase sound quality.
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