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SuperSync 3.5 Adds iPhone and iPod support

SuperSync 3.5 lets music fans visually compare, access and merge iTunes libraries across multiple Macs, PCs, iPods, and iPhones. New content added on one computer can be instantly uploaded to the master library.

The new version adds instant access to all of Apple’s iPhone and iPod products. This lets users transfer their mobile collection and playlists to any computer running SuperSync.

The software includes powerful networking capability to allow users to connect to other SuperSync applications on the network.

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SuperSync 3.0 keeps iTunes users singing

We think it’s incredibly inconvenient that the world’s most popular online music store, iTunes, files music in super-complex places on your computer in such a way that it’s really far too complicated to move libraries to other computers, so we’re hoping the newly-introduced SuperSync 3.0 iTunes music library synchronization software will help.

We all know computers and hard drives eventually fail, and most of us like to upgrade our computers now and then. When we do, it’s hard to transfer your music library while retaining all your playlists, play counts and other information.

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