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Apple: iPod nano, iTunes 8, MacBook touch?

The Apple rumour machine continues to revolve, and the speculative ‘evidence’ is mounting up that confirms the September 9 event will see the introduction of new iPod nanos, iTunes 8 and all the other bits and pieces that have been discussed.

EnGadget has a new image – sure, it could be a fake, but it looks pretty much in-line with what we’re expecting right now – a longer and thinner iPod nano with a larger side-mounted screen. Though whether the images emerged in response to the rumour or vice versa, we can’t say.

We know Apple PR has been active in recent weeks, meeting with journalists from across the sector while quietly confirming the numbers for the event. In other words, they’re planning to turn up the heat..While we can see the shape, we can’t yet predict what features to expect from Apple’s new range – given the company’s seeming strategy to reinvent iPods as connected devices, we’re curious if WiFi connectivity will feature across the range? .
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Apple’s Sept. 9 event: What to expect

In advance of the Apple event next week the Mac rumour sites are festooned with news and predictions as to what’s on the way, so we thought we should let you know what is going to happen.

For a round-up of more recent information since the publication of this post, please click here.

Digg founder Kevin Rose recently offered his prognostications for the Apple event next week, predicting iTunes 8, new low cost iPod touch, lower prices across the iPod range, a redesigned iPod nano and more.
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Apple preps new iTunes, iPod upgrades, more

Apple will next week host a special event on September 9, at which it is likely to unveil its new iPod range, a new version of iTunes and more – with the launch of the new iTunes Unlimited subscription service also seemingly highly probable.

The company is holding a special events in San Francisco and London. The invitation features an iPod looking screen and the words “Let’s Rock”, so it’s most likely Apple will use the occasion to introduce new products in its iPod range.
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Jupiter analyst offers Apple iTunes advice

Jupiter Research analyst Mark Mulligan has a few tips for Apple boss, Steve Jobs.

Writing in his blog, Mulligan notes that all the attention of recent months has focused on the iPhone, with scant notice being paid to the iPod or iTunes – but the rumour machine is just starting up in support of these products.

“So add that dynamic to us being smack in the middle of the silly season and it makes sense that rumours are finally beginning to bubble up, principally around a full iPod range refresh and an iTunes subscription offering,” he notes.
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New nano revealed, iTunes 8, more

Digg’s Kevin Rose has kicked in with his latest pre-Apple announcement rumours.

– Curved iPod nano with horizontal screen
– Price cuts across iPod range
– iPod touch to be reduced in price
– iPod range to use price to differentiate from iPhone
– iTunes 8 (big update, new features – subscription services anyone?)
– New point upgrade of Mac OS X imminent
– Blu-Ray soon

Watch what he has to say after the break.
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iTunes preps subscription revolution

Apple is preparing to introduce its own music subscription service, called iTunes Unlimited, reports claim.

The new service seems set for introduction next month, when the company is also expected to launch a new range of iPods, including higher capacities of the lower-spec models, and a new and improved iPod touch at a lower price.
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Now Virgin Radio plans iTunes-killer?

Virgin Radio is attempting to secure major label support for its new subscription radio service.

Virgin Radio boss, Clive Dickens, is discussing a subscription music service that has more in common with the recently-announced Sky/Universal service than any a la carte or fixed price notion.

Dickens explains: “Our model is about looking at the technology available and working out the balance between DRM and DRM-free. What we’re suggesting is the monthly subscription can vary. If you’re going to pay £5 a month you would get a certain amount of subscription and, say, five tracks to keep a month and if you pay £10 you’d get a certain amount of subscription and 10 tracks to keep each month,” he told Music Week.

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Sirius completes XM Radio purchase

Sirius Satellite Radio said today that is has completed its purchase of XM Satellite Rario to form a new combined company.

The news follows last week’s approval of the merger of the two firms following an extensive period of government scrutiny of the deal, ending when the US FCC gave the deal the go-ahead last week.

The new company will be named Sirius XM Radio, and will have more than 18.5 million subscribers, making it the second-largest radio company, based upon revenue, in the country; and, based upon subscribers, the second largest subscription media business in the US.
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Napster European revenues up 23%

Napster today confirmed it recorded a 23 per cent revenue increase in its European markets for the fiscal year 2008, ending March 31, 2008.

The company says it delivered 400 million tracks as full-length streams, tethered downloads or purchased tracks. “Since inception, more than three million music lovers in six European countries have signed up for the Napster mobile and PC services, while Napster’s user base in the United Kingdom and Germany grew by over 25 per cent in terms of PC-based subscriptions,” the company said.
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