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We7 launches free music-on-demand service

We7 today officially launched its ads-supported music service, offering UK music lovers the chance to listen to whatever music they choose for free, and offering a chance to buy their favourite music.

The service’s extensive catalogue includes music from a three million strong catalogue of artists including Kings of Leon, Pink, Nickelback, and Estelle.

We7 is adding up to 30,000 tracks a day to its collection of over 3 million licensed tracks, including many new releases as they become available.
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Apple’s royalty battle reflects digital challenge – We7

We7 CEO and co-founder Steve Purdham is over the moon at achieving a BT Digital Music Award, but warns that the industry remains under threat – even at this stage in its evolution.

“The digital world is about to go through another upheaval with 1 billion streams on MySpace Music, We7 Launching in November and Apple threatening to pull the plug,” he said, speaking to Distorted Loop just in advance of the revelation of the royalty deal for publishing in the US announced last night.

Despite the hubbub of activity, Purdham thinks there’s still significant challenges to the development of the digital music industry.

“All of this activity shows two things, first the demand for digital music is outstanding and if allowed to flourish will build a very healthy business for artists, labels and fans alike,” he said, warning, “but at the same time the fundamental economics of the industry are still trying to kill off the opportunity rather that allowing it to grow.” Continue reading

We7 boss talks Apple, choice and future music

Steve Purdham is the CEO and founder investor in ads-supported free music play, We7.

We7 is an innovative music service, offering music for free on an ad-supported model. The service gives users lots of control – they can choose specific tracks, stream them, share them with others, and can buy them if they wish.

The service offers free music by dynamically grafting short audios ads. “This way, you can enjoy downloading and streaming music for free, safe in the knowledge that the artists, composers and rights owners will still get paid for their creative work,” the company website says. And if you don’t want the ads, you can buy the track to get rid of them.

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