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Please Help Steve Jobs Build His Retirement Paradise

Poor old Steve Jobs, all he wants is a retirement home for use for a few years when he’s done and dusted his current tech revolution taking computing from the PC and software paradigm to the cloud and touch. Naturally, given the chance to kick back and relax he seems to want to want to live near his old chum, Larry Ellison, in Woodside….but his efforts to tear down some 15-minute old slice of US history seem to have hit a wall yet again, as local history campaigners chuck yet another spanner in the works.

if you’ve been keeping up on the years of this campaign, Jobs owns some shambling old wreck of a residence called the Jacklling House. He’s been trying to get permission to knock it down, send it somewhere, anything but keep it for years and years and years, and he’s won frequent cases to almost get that permission, only to be knocked back by those local history campaigners. Continue reading

As Predicted: Marvel Comics Come To Apple’s iPad

We predicted this for months, people, and now it has come true – and we fear for the future of those nice enthusiastic young people who love to work in that last refuge of friendly geekery, the comic shop – Marvel (owned by Steve Jobs’ Disney since last year) has introduced an iPad application for comic reading. Continue reading

Make Your Own Steve Jobs Email Buddy…

What’s with this all-new forever emailing Steve Jobs and his new sunny disposition to answer questions and reassure Apple fans?

I mean, from being arguably one of the most enigmatic men in the industry, this newer, friendlier, slightly more talkative Jobs just can’t seem to stop himself engaging with Apple users. Continue reading

Apple Board Member Jerry York Passes Away

Apple Board member Jerome B (Jerry) York has passed away, following his brain aneurysm (stroke) last night.

Apple confirmed the death of the long-standing board member in a release distributed in the UK afternoon. The company’s comments follow:

“Apple is sad to announce the death of Apple Board member Jerome B. (Jerry) York. York, the chairman, president and CEO of Harwinton Capital, joined Apple’s Board of Directors in 1997. He was the former CFO of IBM and Chrysler, and former vice chairman of Tracinda. He is widely acknowledged for his contributions at Chrysler and IBM during their turnarounds. Continue reading

UPDATED: Apple board member Jerry York in ‘serious condition’ following collapse

Apple board member Jerry York has died after collapsing with a brain aneurysm last night. York is hospitalised in Pontiac, Michigan. Apple’s statements on his loss are available here.

Known as a key aide to billionaire investor Kirk Kekorian York is also former CFO of IBM and Chrysler, York was also formerly CEO of Micro Warehouse. He joined Apple’s board in 1997.

Jerry is a very dear friend and a trusted business associate and our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family,” Kerkorian said in a statement given to Reuters. Continue reading

Rupert Murdoch: ‘All Media Is Going To Go On The iPad’

Looks like Apple’s cosied up nicely to one of the world’s most powerful media moguls, News Corp. chief, Rupert Murdoch, who appears to be an all-in iPad fan. “All media is going to go on to the iPad”, he declares in this interview with his own Fox Business Channel.
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Steve Jobs may at last be rid of his Woodside ‘abomination’

Steve Jobs may have a little early birthday present this week (it’s his big day tomorrow), with a local Woodside couple agreeing to take possession of the mansion house Jobs has been attempting to replace for years now.

The long-running saga of the Jackling residence dates back eight years. Jobs has declared his hatred for the place (he calls it an “abomination”, and has wanted to demolish it to create a place more to his taste.

However. the Spanish Colonial Revival-style mansion, vacant since 2000, has won support from local preservationists.

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