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Apple Closes LaLa.com. Will iTunes.com Launch In June?

Apple will close down its recently-acquired LaLa.com service on May 31, the company revealed in a bried message posted on the streaming music service’s website. Existing users will be able to log in until the end of next month. Continue reading

Spotify iPhone App Upgrade Brings Last.fm, Facebook And More

iPhone users are already looking forward to the next-generation of the Spotify app for the Apple smartphone, which promises loads of new features.

Spotify handed the new version over to Apple’s approvals team earlier on today. The app includes numerous fixes but also new features including:

  • Last.fm scrobbling.
  • The ability to open and play Spotify links e.g. straight from your Facebook app or browser.
  • Save time and space by using tracks already stored on your iPod in your playlists – there’s no need to sync those track anymore.
  • Save and find your favourite tracks and albums with the Starred playlist and Star buttons (also coming to the desktop version soon!).
  • Support for listening at 96 kb/s for more efficient streaming on slow connections.

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On Spotify’s US delays and Apple’s streaming future

With European success behind the firm, Spotify is planning to launch in the UK, even while fresh reports confirm (what we’ve been saying for some time) that the cash artists get from streaming services isn’t enough to justify prosecuting file-sharers.

A Billboard analysis shows that even the amount of money earned by top artists from on-demand streams and noninteractive streams (such as Internet radio) is, in plain terms, shockingly low. “Of the more than 100 artists examined to compile the Money Makers list, only 10 made more than $2,000 from noninteractive streams in 2009,” a Billboard report eplains.

Interestingly, the labels seem to do alright out of the streaming music deal. Rob Wells, the senior vice-president Digital for Universal Music Group International says Spotify was Universal’s fourth largest digital partner last year in terms of the amount of revenue it generated for the company.

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UMG – digital music sales climb 8.4%

Digital music sales continue to grow, the latest results from giant major label, Universal Music confirm.

Issuing its full year results this week, parent company Vivendi revealed that digital sales in its music division grew 8.4% last year (Results release, PDF link).

Despite this area of growth, revenues at Universal were down 6.2% from 2008 to €4.36bn. Digital, however, grew 8.4% despite the company reporting a “softening demand for mobile products in the United States and Japan”.

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Robbie Williams streams new album on Spotify

Robbie Williams will make his new album Reality Killed The Video Star, available on Spotify three days before its release.

The record ships next week and will be streamed from midnight on Friday.

U2 previously made their record No Line On The Horizon available on Spotify prior to its official release. It later debuted at number one on the album chart.

The singer recently confirmed that he will mount a challenge for Christmas number one by releasing new single ‘You Know Me’ on December 14.

Spotify to take on Apple in US, China?

Much-vaunted streaming music service today confirmed plans to open for business in China, even as Apple struggles to finalise a local deal there with China Unicom to sell the iPhone in that country.

Spotify’s Oriental ambition means working with local operator, the Tom Group, which has partnered with Spotfiy, and will bring the European ad-supported streaming music service to China, Reuters reports. The localized Chinese version will be available both online and via mobile. Spotify is also expected to launch its service in the U.S. in the coming months.

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Young music fans say ‘meh’ to streamed music

musical_notesFresh research from a UK Music research report shows music lovers are becoming less willing to pay for streaming music, because they want to own their tracks.

Conducted by the University of Hertfordshire and reported by PaidContent, it seems hope may be fizzling for operators such as Spotify, who hope to popularise subscription-based streaming music services.

There’s a host of stats in the report, but some highlights:

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Labels own shares in Spotify, iTunes target?

spotify_logoSpotify continues to attract attention, with whispers that the service may be gearing up to compete with iTunes gaining a little more credibility on news the major amd indie music labels own a slice of the service’s action.

Sony BMG, Universal Music, Warner Music, EMI and Merlin (the body which represents Europe’s independent labels all own shares in Spotify, shares the company offered the labels for an aggregate €8.8 million – presumably as part of the negotiation to secure permission to stream their music online.

Together, the labels own 18 per cent of Spotify. Sony BMG took the lion’s share, now owning 5.8 per cent of the service.

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We7 responds to Spotify funding news

stevepurdhamWith all the focus on ads-funded music streaming service, Spotify, its no surprise other similar services now think they may be on the edge of seeing the good times roll.

We spoke with We7 boss, Steve Purdham this morning, and he seems pleased his competitor’s found some funding.

“Spotify’s success in gaining funding is very positive news for we7 and other ad funded models,” Purdham said. Continue reading