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Sonos Controller ready for iPhone OS 3.0

The Sonos Controller for iPhone 3.0 is now available as an update on the Apple App Store.

The free upgrade brings all of the features of the Sonos CR200 Multiroom Music System Controller to the iPhone controller for the Sonos BU250 Multiroom Music System. One of these features includes the “Info View” command. This new feature (accessed using the “i” button on the Now Playing screen) allows you to discover even more music via the various music services available on Sonos.

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New Sonos music system is iPhone-friendly

Sonos has introduced a new version of its Sonos BU250 Multiroom Music System. The new Bundle 250 lets you wirelessly access your digital music collection as well as a wide range of Internet radio and streaming services (Pandora, Last.fm, etc) in two rooms of the house, with the option to expand that to 32 rooms.

The latest system adds a major upgrade: the excellent CR200 touch-screen remote, but the system can also be controlled by any iPhone or iPod touch running a free application that’s available via the iTunes App Store. The result – a whole-house music system that’s easier to control than ever before.

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Jonathan Ross buys five Macs, uses Sonos

He’s a big Mac user who is addicted to console games and wants his digital music in every room – who is he? It’s Jonathan Ross.

Jonathan Ross seems in vogue for all the wrong reasons, pilloried both by the press and the NIMBY residents of Middle England for some juvenile prank with comedian Russell Brand in which both men dropped the ball while trying to humorously promote a band called the ‘Satanic Sluts’.

Forced to take months off by the BBC’s refusal to stand up for its talent in the face of Mary Whitehouse-style criticism, Ross this week purchased five new model MacBooks to help while away his time.

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Sonos gains iPhone remote app

iPhone users with a Sonos media player system gained an unusual treat this week with the release of an updated version of Zones, a remote control for Sonos systems that works on an iPhone.

Available as an application from the App Store, Zones uses the open standard UPnP protocol over your own WiFi network to let you browse your music, queue up songs, artists and albums, and to play, pause, adjust volume, and change tracks no matter how many zones you have. Continue reading