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Upgrade your digital player with Rockbox 3.0

Three years in development, Rockbox 3.0 has finally shipped online – software that should breathe a little extra life into any aging music players you may have around, including the iPod.

Rockbox is open-source software which replaces the OS on your existing music player which lets them play more music file fomats, delivers audio improvements and includes a tiny version of classic arcade game, Doom and some other games.

Audio improvements include the introduction of support for over 15 formats like FLAC and Ogg, a 5-band parametric EQ, MPEG video, a multilingual interface and the capacity to understand spoken commands (on players with a microphone). Continue reading

Apple adding YouTube music video to iTunes?

OK – this one really does belong in the unconfirmed rumour/speculation box, but this screenshot allegedly displays little video running in front of iTunes, and this video (apparently) is pulling music videos appropriate to what’s playing in iTunes from YouTube, one of Apple’s major partners. What could be even more interesting here is if that sort of technology could appear on the iPhone/iPod touch, so when you play a song you automatically get to watch the relevant video from YouTube on your screen. Kind of like MTV used to be, but with actual musical taste.

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