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Apple: iPod nano, iTunes 8, MacBook touch?

The Apple rumour machine continues to revolve, and the speculative ‘evidence’ is mounting up that confirms the September 9 event will see the introduction of new iPod nanos, iTunes 8 and all the other bits and pieces that have been discussed.

EnGadget has a new image – sure, it could be a fake, but it looks pretty much in-line with what we’re expecting right now – a longer and thinner iPod nano with a larger side-mounted screen. Though whether the images emerged in response to the rumour or vice versa, we can’t say.

We know Apple PR has been active in recent weeks, meeting with journalists from across the sector while quietly confirming the numbers for the event. In other words, they’re planning to turn up the heat..While we can see the shape, we can’t yet predict what features to expect from Apple’s new range – given the company’s seeming strategy to reinvent iPods as connected devices, we’re curious if WiFi connectivity will feature across the range? .
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New Apple iPod nano revealed?

Not saying this is true or false, but this image seems to chime in well with all the rumours circulating right now – longer, thinner with a side-mounted screen.
So, we saw this image on Swedish site, MacFeber.

In other news, one analyst is warning that the Apple do on Tuesday may be a little ‘underwhelming’. Higher storage and lower prices for iPods and the iPod touch seem to leave him cold. He’s looking for a big bang a la iPhone, or something – then he nails a few potential surprises Apple could have in store:
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