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EMI loses senior digital chief, Cory Ondrejka

Hmm – this is somewhat unexpected – EMI’s digital chief, Second Life co-founder, Cory Ondrejka, is to leave the label, scant weeks since being promoted to the company’s top position as top digital exec at EMI, EVP of digital marketing.

“Thanks EMI for great year and a half, time to return to entrepreneurial roots, last day 21 Aug.,” Ondrejka tweeted.

It’s strange timing, particularly as only a few weeks ago he and EMI announced eight hires and promotions in digital marketing. Ondrejka held high responsibility over EMI’s growing digital strategy, with big initiatives widely expected to emerge from the label.

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Hands holds EMI iTunes killer plan?

EMI plans to enter the increasingly crowded online music and video sales market with its own download service, to be made available through its existing portal, EMI.com.

The company already has some experience in this – it has been offering its Share service to music journalists for some while in order to securely distribute pre-release music to them for review.

There’s a strong likelihood the site will offer music streaming, as it is being described as a “learning lab” for people to discover new music. The company is increasingly forging its own digital destiny in online music – it’s no suprise last year’s biggest digital story comes from former EMI act, Radiohead, for example.

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Second Life co-founder – ‘ignore niche = peril’

Second Life co-founder, Cory Ondrejka, is now EMI Music’s senior vice president of Digital Strategy. Here’s his rather fascinating keynote speech delivered last night at Digital Music Forum West in Hollywood. His key message to the industry: “Underestimate niche at your peril.”

(To quote Peter Jenner, who told me once that the future of the industry is that of a vast network of multiple niches – it’s the direction people, with or without MySpace). Oh – and Ondrejka, a former submarine driver, also pointed out that there’s 50 virtual musical events inside Second Life each day.

StrategyEye sees rise of the iTunes generation

Fresh research from StrategyEye Digital Media suggests the digital media industry will continue rapid growth despite prevaililng economic gloom – but warns interest in virtual worlds like Second Life and mobile TV solutions is waning.

The recent success of the iPhone’s App Store is an example of the increasing popularity of mobile among traditional and new media companies within their digital media strategy. 56% of all companies surveyed intend to incorporate mobile device applications in the next 12 months, while 49% intend to incorporate mobile web portals as part of their digital media strategy.
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EMI hires Second Life co-founder

EMI has hired the lead developer of the Second Life virtual world as senior vice president, digital strategy, tasking Linden Lab’s co-founder, Cory Ondrejka, with the job of helping drive EMI Music’s digital business.

In his new role, Ondrejka will draw from past experience to build the digital strategy for EMI Music, drive innovation around new revenue opportunities and build a world-class engineering team for the company, based at EMI Music’s LA HQ.

Douglas Merrill, president, digital business, EMI Music said: “Cory shares my passion for driving technology and innovation in the digital music business.  His unique experience building online environments, like Second Life, will be invaluable to EMI Music, as we create new digital communities for fans and artists.”

Ondrejka said: “EMI presented me with a rare opportunity to influence the digital music industry, by helping artists reach their fans in more relevant ways and by allowing fans to find and acquire music through new business models.  The technology is available to make the music experience better.  I intend to apply it and to find new ways to drive innovation at EMI Music.”

Cory holds a B.S. in Weapons and Systems Engineering and a B.S. in Computer Science from the United States Naval Academy.