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iTunes leads market as digi-music competition grows

iTunes remains the most well-known digital music brand, while pursued by Rhapsody and Amazon, though MySpace and Last.fm seem surprisingly less well-known, and the mindshare of Napster, Wal-Mart and Yahoo continues to decline.

“iTunes dominates this market,” says Karl Joyce, lead author of the Ipsos’ TEMPO Digital Music Brandscape study, “but that by no means suggests that there isn’t room for innovative competitors with differentiated offerings. Continue reading

Yahoo to offer full-track music previews

Yahoo! has reached a deal with Real’s Rhapsody service under which full track previews will be made available within search results for US users.

The new feature is available now, and means users who search for an artist with available content on Yahoo! will be able to click play right in the Yahoo! shortcut at the top of the search results and instantly stream full-length songs by that artist through the FoxyTunes Player, which is powered by Rhapsody.

The launch is part of the two company’s planned expansion of the Rhapsody service across Yahoo! – and is part of Yahoo!’s strategy to open its sites to feature content and services from across the Web. Continue reading

eMusic warns BPI, ISP deal to affect digital music

The recent music industry deal with ISP’s could put power over music retail into the hands of the networks, undermining the good work done by the likes of iTunes, Napster and eMusic, eMusic CEO David Pakman warns.

As part of the deal between labels and ISPs to combat file-sharing in the UK, the music industry has made a commitment to license catalogue to ISPs in order that the latter are enabled to launch their own download services for customers.

And with the debate on net neutrality still actively ongoing, Pakman is concerned ISPs may eventually throttle bandwidth in order to favour their own services over those that pioneered legitimate download sales.
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U2 Goes DRM-Free on Rhapsody MP3 Store

U2, the only band to have had an official iPod model made in its honor, has dropped the DRM from its music catalog for the first time. All 19 of the band’s full-length releases (including some special editions with bonus tracks) are now available on the Rhapsody MP3 store for $10 a piece, or $20 for double-length releases that contain bonus tracks.

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Yahoo promises to reimburse music fans

Yahoo closed the week promising to reimburse customers who bought music from Yahoo Music that can no longer be easily played as a result of the company shutting down its online music store.

The move means Yahoo’s digital rights management servers willbe taken down, meaning customers could lose their music. It now appears Yahoo won’t abandon its customers, Yahoo Music spokesperson, Carrie Davis, told Information Week.
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Real gets real, dumps DRM (almost)


Rhapsody owner RealNetworks has launched its DRM-free MP3 store, a final acknowledgement that DRM alone was never going to make Windows-based platforms a viable environment for digital media.

Real, a company once described by Apple as a company which “adopted the tactics and ethics of a hacker to break into the iPod” clearly now hopes its five million strong catalogue offering of music in non-rights-restricted MP3 format (256k) will let it take a little market share, as the company’s Rhapsody music service remains a minnow in the media pond.

The move only relates to the a-la-carte download section of the store, and not the mainline subscription service. The updated Rhapsody follows a similar DRM-free move by Napster after months in which the majors paid close attention to similar experiments held in conjunction with Amazon, which itself extends its DRM-free service to Europe later this year.

Until now, legal digital music has suffered from severe limitations on where consumers could buy it and how they could use it,” said Rob Glaser, chairman and CEO of RealNetworks. “‘Music Without Limits,’ fixes those problems and will make digital music easier and more valuable for consumers. Rhapsody is proud to be partnering with some of the most innovative companies of our time, including: iLike, Yahoo!, MTV Networks, and Verizon Wireless, to connect consumers with digital music wherever they are and however they want it.”

Visitors to the Rhapsody MP3 Store can listen to full-length songs instead of the 30-second samples found on other sites. Real’s done deals with MTV and Verizon to try to promote the service.