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We love iPhone remote control systems

Just had to quickly note i-Got-it Corp.’s all-new remote control system which puts your iPod or iPod touch in command of all your household electrical gadgets.

i-Got-Control is a plug-and-play accessory that turns an iPhone-powered device into a universal remote, allowing the user to control virtually any infrared device — TVs, stereo systems and more — at home or on the go.

The software ships with a database containing 40,000 IR codes for consumer electronic devices. The system consists of the i-Got-Control accessory and its associated iTunes app.

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Apple updates Apple TV, kills Boxee

Apple last night released an update for its Apple TV set-top box introducing some handy new features, at the cost of support for popular third-party software, Boxee.

Notes introduced with the release say the updated software lets Apple TV users stream music from the device to Airport Express speakers or other Apple TVs in your house using AirTunes.

Since Apple released its new software, the team behind Boxee have worked incredibly hard to update their solution to work with the Apple TV – read all about it here.

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Bluetooth music streaming comes to the iPhone

For reasons best known to itself, Apple doesn’t enable its iPhone to stream music to Bluetooth-equipped speaker systems and headphones, a feature most music-capable phones provide. Now there’s a solution to the challenge, as RXS launches two new Bluetooth Adaptors in the UK

These gadgets let you stream your music from your device through virtually any Bluetooth accessory including speakers, headphones and car stereos.

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One iPhone to rule them all…

Say goodbye to those annoying and over-complex remote controls you lose behind the couch or see walking away in the jaws of your dog – soon your iPhone will be doing the job for you instead.
That’s because Zilog has introduced Crimzon Connects, an intelligent home control solution for the iPhone, BlackBerry Curve or any WiFi-connected device. So, what’s it do?
The solution lets you control TVs, DVD players, stereos, lights, home security systems and more – basically any electronic gadget that has its control signals included within Zilog’s industry-leading infra-red universal remote control signals database. The company is working with electronics makers, and hopes to introduce the system this autumn.