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eMusic warns BPI, ISP deal to affect digital music

The recent music industry deal with ISP’s could put power over music retail into the hands of the networks, undermining the good work done by the likes of iTunes, Napster and eMusic, eMusic CEO David Pakman warns.

As part of the deal between labels and ISPs to combat file-sharing in the UK, the music industry has made a commitment to license catalogue to ISPs in order that the latter are enabled to launch their own download services for customers.

And with the debate on net neutrality still actively ongoing, Pakman is concerned ISPs may eventually throttle bandwidth in order to favour their own services over those that pioneered legitimate download sales.
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Apple, Amazon, Real battle for MySpace gig

Apple, Real Networks and Amazon are all competing to provide the infrastructure for the soon to launch MySpace Music store, a report claims.

Amazon at present appears ahead of the pack, according to reports. This is potentially because its back-end systems are more efficient than its competitors, according to separate industry talk. A final decision hasn’t yet been made.
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