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Smashing Pumpkin’s Corgan blame-games iTunes

Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan launched a scathing attack on iTunes, blaming the service for his decision not to release a full album ever again in future.

The Smashing Pumpkins won’t release another album in future, the singer said, “We’re done with that. There is no point. People don’t even listen to it all. They put it on their iPod, they drag over the two singles and skip over the rest.”

Corgan says the future of music releases won’t include the album format, but that artists will choose to release single tracks instead. “The listening patterns have changed,” he said.

“So why are we killing ourselves to do albums, to create balance and do the arty track to set up the single? It’s done.”

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Wolfgang’s Vault explains its musical iPhone app

Wolfgang’s Vault is the collector’s site for multimedia music memorabilia, offering a vast selection of some of the world’s rarest – and potentially most treasured – music and music-related “stuff”. And now it’s available in the UK, through your iPhone or your iPod touch.

We were in touch with Eric Johnson, President and CEO, Wolfgang’s Vault overnight, he describes his service as, “The only online site dedicated to telling the comprehensive story of the live music experience of the past five decades.”

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Ex-Floyd manager: iTunes an album sales ‘disaster’

One time manager of Pink Floyd, Sincere Management’s Pete Jenner slammed iTunes for its effect on album sales at a UK music industry event this week.

Speaking at a MusicTank conference, he said Apple’s music store has “had the disastrous effect on the record industry of debundling the album.” He complained cherry-picking tracks from albums means consumers now “buy the two album tracks that are worth buying,” Music Week informs.

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RIP: Pink Floyd’s Richard Wright

Pink Floyd keyboard player and founder member Richard Wright has died aged 65 from cancer.

A spokesman told the BBC: “The family of Richard Wright, founder member of Pink Floyd, announce with great sadness that Richard died today after a short struggle with cancer.