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On digital music, Pete Jenner ‘gets it’

Got to love one-time Floyd manager, Pete Jenner, and his statements at Midem this week. Totally nails it. Now the industry has to move – fast – or lose the lot…

“I don’t want to hear ever again anyone whinging about their music being stolen. I don’t want to hear about pirates, I want to hear how my artists can make a living, and how new artists can make a living , from making recorded music. Recorded music is not the ‘music industry’ but it is hard to see how the music industry can thrive without those critical calling cards we used to call records, and we now call files.

“It’s a huge unending job, but it is exciting and challenging, and worthwhile, because it is about all of our human creativity, individuality, culture and spirit.”

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Should music really be free? No.

Music industry analyst Mark Mulligan has sparked huge debate with a series of posts which explain why music can’t just be free.

His statements won a round of vituperative responses, and the analyst responded to these with a post on his own blog this afternoon.

Mulligan points out that as an active musician and an industry analyst, he (and we agree with him) doesn’t believe artists should be returned to some romantic position as unpaid minstrels travelling from town-to-town in hope of earning a few cents to survive.

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Ex-Floyd manager: iTunes an album sales ‘disaster’

One time manager of Pink Floyd, Sincere Management’s Pete Jenner slammed iTunes for its effect on album sales at a UK music industry event this week.

Speaking at a MusicTank conference, he said Apple’s music store has “had the disastrous effect on the record industry of debundling the album.” He complained cherry-picking tracks from albums means consumers now “buy the two album tracks that are worth buying,” Music Week informs.

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