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Pandora confirms 2 million iPhone clients

Exciting music discovery service Pandora has confirmed two million iPhone users have downloaded and installed its application to date.

“We’re hearing all sorts of wonderful feedback from listeners who are using it on their commute, jogging with it, plugging it into home audio systems…you name it. And as usual, offering all sorts of great feedback and suggestions. It’s thrilling for us to see the broader vision for Pandora take shape. Our hearty thanks for your continued support and input,” wrote Pandora founder, Tim Westergren.

“It also makes us very happy to know that the 60,000+ artists in our collection are now getting played on car radios all across the country,” he added. “Times they are a changin'”.

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Boxee team release Apple TV upgrade, more

We’ve been writing a lot recently about Boxee, who develop a powerful media centre application for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and the Apple TV.

For Apple TV users, of course, the big news is that after an extensive push by the hard-working developers behind the project, the new version of the software that’s compatible with the recently-software-updated Apple TV 2.3 is available now.

Seems not only media-junkies have been paying attention. Boxee recently revealed a $4 million investment from Spark Capital and Union Square Ventures which will see Bijan Sabet from Spark and Fred Wilson from Union Square join the Boxee board.
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UPDATED: iPhone boosts Pandora growth

UPDATED STORY – (Error First, Westergreen said that the iPhone accounts for half of Pandora’s NEWusers , not total users. Second, Pandora doubled growth):

The iPhone has helped Pandora double its growth rate, revealed company chief Tim Westergreen at Digital Music Forum West last week.

Westergreen also noted the imminent shakedown among webcasters, now MySpace Music has launched with major label support. “I think the fate of the small webcasters will be determined in the next few months,” he said.

The iPhone has been a Pandora growth story, he confirmed – iPhone accounts for 1.5 million of Pandora’s 17 million members – and has doubled growth rate from 20,000 to 40,000+ new users each day. “It has people thinking a little differently about what internet radio is,” Westergreen said, noting that attempts to prove a subscription model for access to content have so far failed.

But Westergreen doesn’t buy into the ‘access not ownership’ mantra that’s causing so much excitement: “I think I listen to iTunes more than Pandora… I’m not somebody who believes that’s all going to vanish,” he added, but pointed out, “People don’t want to have to work for their music” he said.

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Senate approves Webcaster Settlement Act

Pandora has a few months reprieve following the US Senate approval of the Webcaster Settlement Act, which passed in the House over the weekend and was introduced to allow webcasters to continue to negotiate new royalty deals with copyright owners while Congress is distracted by the upcoming elections.

“This legislation will enable the Digital Media Association (DiMA) and our member companies, and all Internet radio services, to continue negotiating royalty rates with SoundExchange for the years 2006-2015. We are very hopeful of reaching agreement soon, and thereby creating long-term stability that will re-energize the Internet radio business,” said Digital media Association executive director Jonathan Potter. Continue reading

Pandora gets slight respite, but not yet saved

Internet radio service, Pandora, has seen a slight reprieve in its battle to stay alive.

The $13 million company, founded in 2000 as Savage Beast Technologies, gets about 1 million visits a day and is one of the 10 most popular iPhone applications and holds 16 million members. It’s based on the Music Genome Project, a database of analyzed songs that helps predict what songs listeners will like.

Pandora and other Web-based radio services have been negotiating with music-industry groups for more than a year now, hoping to agree on a workable royalty structure before the existing structure bankrupted webcasters. They need a little more time. Continue reading

Stupid bureaucrats are killing Pandora

Sometimes you just have to despair at the actions of the labels and their good buddies in government, why is the music industry about the only one to receive this level of trans-national government protectionism.

It sucks and kills innovation – bad for music, bad for artists (because it legitimises old-fashioned Tin Pan Alley money-grabbing) and bad for consumers – though probably quite good for the funny handshake and rolled up trouser leg brigade, but I digress.

I came across the Motley Fool’s account on the slow destruction of Pandora at the hands of iniquitous royalties being demanded for internet radio by SoundExchange. I think they get it just about right,…
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Pandora streams 3.3m songs to iPhones in a week

From AdWeek:
“Internet radio upstart Pandora has streamed 3.3 million songs to iPhone users since the launch of its new mobile application, making it the third most popular such app for the red-hot device – the newest version of which Apple released on July 11.
Pandora’s success on the iPhone, which sold a stunning 1 million units last weekend, could elevate Internet radio to new heights, as the still-under-the-radar medium appears ideally suited for mobile usage.
As of July 14, the company had registered 180,000 new users, and more than 200,000 new stations had been created on the iPhone. Pandora executives claim that the company has attracted a new iPhone listener every two seconds since the launch, with most users listening for close to an hour per day.
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