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Owngig.com gig one: The Blow Monkeys

Owngig.com is proud to announce it’s first gig featuring The Blow Monkeys, taking place on November 22.

The website, launched just 3 months ago, allows fans to bid for which artist they would most like to see perform live, matching requests to help create a one-off event. Fans of The Blow Monkeys have recently created such a high demand that it has already made their dream gig become a reality, the release describing the achievement reveals.

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Owngig.com founder speaks on live scene

Imagine if you could get your favourite act to perform in your front room or local pub. Sure, we know the world’s millionaire’s get that dream – just look at Amy Winehouse performing for Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovitch at the launch of his art gallery. That’s not how real life works though, is it?
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