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Last.fm exclusively streams new Kings of Leon album

Last.fm today exclusively began streaming the not yet released Kings of Leon album, Only By The Night’, for free one week before it ships – and band frontman Caleb Followill pleaded with fans to think again before stealing music.

Caleb said: “There are a lot of people online that say, ‘these guys have a wonderful life, screw them if they don’t want me listening’ – you don’t know what it’s like! Literally, sometimes I jump out of bed at three in the morning and go and write something down because I just had a dream and I thought of something.

“You don’t know what goes into writing a song, let alone an album. It’s not a day at the office – you’re putting your heart and soul into something and for people to not respect that, that’s crazy. But when you have people that do it the right way – that’s pushing your artform.”
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