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Critical moment in UK digital TV switchover reached

A crucial stage of the switch from analogue to digital broadcasting has been reached, with the first stage of digital TV switchover completed in the Scottish Borders, Digital UK has confirmed.

Analogue BBC Two has been permanently turned off, and the full range of BBC channels is now being broadcast in digital from every TV transmitter in the region.

The remaining analogue TV services (BBC One, ITV1, Channel 4 and Five) will be permanently turned off in the region when the switchover process is completed on 20 November.

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Elgato developing Freeview reception for iPhone

Elgato is developing solutions to enable iPhone and iPod touch users to watch Freeview channels on their devices, a report claims.

Elgato is widely known by Mac users for its digital TV software which works with TV tuner cards to enable TV reception on the Apple platform. It also creates Freeview receivers for Macs.

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HBO shows on iTunes in UK

HBO has made some of its television shows available through Apple’s iTunes Store in the UK.

Available shows include ‘Entourage’, ‘The Sopranos’, ‘The Wire’, ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘Rome’. The broadcaster made its debut on iTunes in the US earlier this year, when it first made its shows available in the US.

At that time Henry McGee, president of HBO Video, said: “We’re very excited to make these legendary HBO programs available on the iTunes Store.
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BBC Trust to review licence fee collection

The BBC Trust is today launching a public consultation as part of a wide-ranging review into how the licence fee is collected.

The Trust is responsible for overseeing the licence fee collection arrangements, put in place by BBC management, and ensuring they are “efficient, appropriate and proportionate”. This is a new responsibility for the BBC’s governing body which is stated in the Royal Charter for the first time.

Sir Michael Lyons, Chairman of the BBC Trust, said: “It is use of a television, or other television receiving equipment, which dictates the need for a television licence, but the purpose of the licence fee is to pay for all BBC domestic services – on television, radio and online. For the BBC to meet its remit, and deliver the quality programmes and services the public rightly expects, it is essential it collects the funding needed.
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BBC iPlayer improves video quality

“The BBC has rolled out new, higher-quality streams for iPlayer on the web using open standards H.264 and AAC+.

“Currently, BBC iPlayer serves video streams at 500Kbps using the VP6 compression codec, a proprietary system developed by On2 which was selected in 2005 as Macromedia’s preferred codec for video playback by Flash because of its ability to perform well at low bitrates and on older computers.

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CBS: online TV is tonic for broadcasters

CBS Interactive today released preliminary results of an intensive wide study on the impact of its online video streaming on its TV audience.
The ongoing study among 50,000 viewers of content through the broadcaster’s CBS Audience Network was conducted by Magid Media – and the findings should interest any broadcaster experimenting with online strategy:

– CBS’s video streaming of full-episodes attracts a younger audience;
– Online viewers are incremental to broadcast viewers;
– Online video streaming is a net positive for CBS because it drives Web viewers to television.
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