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Future chance, future challenge for the Apple TV

Apple’s “hobby” the Apple TV has a chance at becoming a ubiquitous household item, though the company may need to add support for non-Apple media services and implement many new features if it seriously intends making an iPod-level impact on this important growing market.

The reason Apple has the chance is visible in the growing momentum behind development of solutions to bring online video to the front room – a sector becoming quickly more intense.

Online video on-demand services such as iTunes or Hulu are hot properties, meaning many more devices – including TVs offering features similar to the Apple TV – should begin to reach market en masse starting next year. And even if Apple does not develop such solutions there will still be winners and losers in the race to offer the ‘iPod’ equivalent of the multimedia for the front room box.

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BBC Worldwide plans online music/video store

BBC Worldwide plans to launch its very own ad-supported online music service, offering music lovers access to the broadcaster’s huge archive of audio and video music content.

The move means TV shows like Top of the Pops, coverage of Glastonbury Festival or the Proms, and all-time music classics such as the Old Grey Whistle Test will be made available for free streaming or for direct sale.
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AOL + Amex = Tour Tracker

America Online and American Express are working together on a new fan-focused website, Tour Tracker, that lets music lovers track tours by their preferred acts and enables them to buy tickets.

Hosted by AOL Music the site is sponsored by Amex. Amex is offering discounts on ticket prices for Amex card holders. With a view to the new generation of Johnny Five music fan in its eternal quest for “input, input, input”, the site also offers pictures taken during tours, discussion groups, news and other information, including editor’s picks, Billboard reports.
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Strategy Analytics praises iTunes for mobile

The Strategy Analytics Wireless Media Lab has released its latest report, exploring use of iTunes as a mobile music store.
Sure, now, we know that right now the only way you’re going to be able to buy music through your iPhone is via the iTunes Store for WiFi, and while the App Store lets you purchase products over the 3G connection, we’re not convinced iTunes qualifies as a mobile shop just yet.
Though we do think it will.
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Pan-EU licensing deal for music announced

Buma/Stemra, the Dutch music rights collecting society, and online electronic music retailer, Beatport, have announced the signature of a pan-European licensing agreement for authors’ rights in music..
The Beatport – Buma/Stemra licensing model provides the online music service provider with a one-stop-shop for all authors’ rights for music for 27 European countries.
The issue of multi-territorial licensing of music rights has been very much in the news over the past few days following the European Commission’s decision in the so-called CISAC competition case. The decision requires music collecting societies to end some anti-competitive practices opening the way to more multi-territorial licensing.
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Ofcom examines BBC local services plan

UK regulator Ofcom today published the Terms of Reference for its Market Impact Assessment (MIA) of the BBC’s proposed Local Video service. Ofcom has also invited stakeholders to respond to a list of questions published today.
The BBC’s Local Video service expands upon existing BBC Local websites on bbc.co.uk with a focus on 60 areas, typically a county or conurbation, across the UK.
The BBC wants to create and deliver local video news, sport and weather programmes to complement its existing service, offering Local information in both Welsh and English in Wales.
Diane Coyle, BBC Trustee and Chair of the Trust’s Public Value and Fair Trading Committee, said: “Last year the Trust challenged BBC management to respond to licence fee payers wanting better local services. We wanted a proposal that would deliver public value with minimum adverse impact on local newspapers and other commercial media services.
The Market Impact Assessment of the proposed BBC Local Video service will examine the likely impact of the service proposed by the BBC on similar and related products and services, examining in particular the extent to which the service might affect innovation and investment in the commercial sector.
BBC management believes the proposition will help the BBC meet its public purposes and close the gap between the importance that audiences attach to the BBC’s local role and their view of current performance.

Ofcom, however, will consider the impact of the plan upon:

* local newspapers and associated online services;
* local radio stations and associated online services;
* local and regional TV services and associated online services;
* mobile TV services; and
* other online services.

The results of the MIA will be published alongside the BBC Trust’s Public Value Assessment on 18 November 2008 with a final decision on the plans set for February 2009.