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BBC, ITV, BT team as iPlayer takes on iTunes

The BBC is serious about attempting to deploy its iPlayer video-on-demand technology as an industry standard, announcing new partnerships with ITV and BT, “to promote a common industry approach and consumer offer to deliver on-demand TV over broadband.”

Such a pan-industry approach may in future pit the BBC and partners against other existing online TV solutions, including iTunes in the UK and similar services elsewhere.
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Michael Grade: YouTube is a ‘parasite’

ITV executive chairman Michael Grade had some pretty strong things to say about YouTube and services of its ilk at IBC this week, calling YouTube a “parasite”, Grade stressed his belief that ITV has a long-term future.

So why is YouTube a parasite, and how come there’s a future for television? In truth, like everything else, the secret is content, the executive explained. YouTube’s success is based on living off content created by broadcasters including ITV Grade maintains.

“The day that Google or Joost or any of these people start investing £1bn a year in UK content is the day I’ll start to be worried,” he said.
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Cherry Red Records launches CherryRed.TV

Now in its 30th year, Cherry Red Records has launched its own online television channel offering a range of music shows, concerts and documentaries that aren’t available elsewhere.

The site launches with gig footage from the Dead Kennedys, Nico, Hawkwind and Alien Sex Fiend.
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BBC, ITV, Ch4 see Project Kangaroo launch delay

Project Kangaroo, the TV video-on-demand joint venture to be jointly-owned by UK broadcasters BBC, ITV and Channel 4, has seen its launch delayed while the UK Competition Commission extends the duration of its probe into the service.

The jointly-owned service was originally expected to launch in the fourth quarter, but launch has now been delayed.

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