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O2 iPhone Users Get Free Access To The Cloud…

O2 has announced that starting this summer, all its mobile subscribers will get free access to 22,000 European WiFi hotspots operated by The Cloud.

The Cloud is offering access to O2 subscribers via a free app now available at the App Store called FastConnect. This is designed to simplify your connection to The Cloud, storing your logon details so that connection is automatic, and surfing is free. Continue reading

Apple’s iPhone explodes across South East Asia as O2 UK price war story grows

Apple’s iPhone is becoming the dominant device in key territories of SouthEast Asia, while in the UK carrier O2 continue to aggressively defend its iPhone franchise as price war breaks out.

O2 is planning to launch a two-year Apple iPhone tariff for £25 per month. The tariff will include 100 minutes and unlimited texts. That follows announcement of a SIM-only deal last week.

O2 has much to fight for. It has sold over 2 million iPhones in the UK, but now faces stiff competition from other carriers who have broken its once exclusive hold on UK iPhone sales. Vodafone and Orange are both seizing share, with the former company confirming 100,000 new iPhone sign-ups in the first week the product went on sale.

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O2 launches UK iPhone price war with SIM-only tariff offer

The iPhone price war has at last begun in the UK, with Apple’s original exclusive partner, O2, introducing a new low-cost tariff for the device, a SIM-only contract.

The move is O2’s attempt to meet competition from Orange and Vodafone, both of which also now distribute the iPhone. Tesco Mobile also offers the device, under arrangement with O2.

The new SIM-only deal means customers who already have an iPhone can adopt a SIM-only tariff beginning at £15 per month for 300 minutes, unlimited UK texts, data & Wi-Fi on a 12-month SIM-only contract, or from £20 per month on a 30-day rolling contract. Unlimited UK calls, texts and data are also available from £45 a month.

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O2 offers free Sky TV to UK iPhones

iphone1The battle for iPhone sales in the UK has begun, with incumbent carrier, O2, offering free Sky Mobile TV to UK iPhone users.

The Sky Mobile TV app allows you to watch Sky Sports 1,2 and 3 as well as Sky Sports News, Sky Sports Extra, Sky News, At The Races and ESPN.

“In less than a year we’ve already seen millions of downloads of Sky’s various iPhone apps,” said David Gibbs, the general manager for mobile at Sky. “Now, by launching our new Sky Mobile TV app, we are able to combine the demand for great live TV on the move with the quality of experience offered through the iPhone and iTouch.”

The Sky Mobile TV app currently works over WiFi. All iPhone tariffs include unlimited Wi-Fi access at over 7,500 BT Openzone and The Cloud Wi-Fi hotspots in the UK (including most Starbucks).

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International mobile telco consolidation day

old_mobile_phoneOrange and T-mobile join forces in the UK as iPhone discussions continue; O2 owner Telefonica’s China Unicom deal grabs it a sexy 8 per cent of China Unicom’s huge cellphone market, soon to receive iPhone from China Unicom.


MADRID: Spain’s Telefonica, which owns UK mobile phone market leader 02, is battling Vodafone and France Telecom’s Orange over Deutsche Telekom’s flagging British arm T-Mobile, with Apple’s iPhone said to be playing a key supporting role in the proceedings.

Fascinating glimpse at future mobile telco consolidations.

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O2 UK losing exclusive iPhone deal Oct. 9?

etre-touchy-iphone-medMobile Entertainment has seen documentation that states O2’s exclusive deal on the iPhone will end on October 9.

This opens an opportunity for other carriers to offer the device in the UK. At present, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile are all thought to be making a play to offer the device through their networks.

ME adds its “sources say that O2 may retain sole rights to the recently launched iPhone 3G S.”

Naturally, freeing the iPhone up for offer through other networks in the UK is extremely likely to generate a third wave of sales of the device. UK mobile phone users tend to prefer to make an open choice between carriers. Continue reading

O2 to lose iPhone exclusivity?

etre-touchy-iphone-medO2’s exclusive deal with Apple for distribution of the iPhone in the UK is reportedly set to end two years early, according to a report published on the ITProPortal website.

The report – which seemingly draws heavily on conjecture – suggests O2’s recent deal with Palm in which it becomes the exclusive provider of the Palm Pre is evidence of an end to the Apple iPhone exclusive.

“O2 currently has an exclusive agreement with Apple that is supposed to last until 2011 but rival networks are likely to push for Apple to rethink its strategy and make the iPhone platform agnostic; and there is no reason why Apple wouldn’t do that,” the report explains.

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