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UPDATE: Nokia’s new Mac suite, early alpha exposed

Some may recall news earlier this week that Nokia plans to implement wider Mac support in 2009, now some early screen shots of what the mobile phone giant plans for the Apple Inc. computer platform have emerged – proving Nokia’s claim to be more than hype.

Right now it’s a Leopard-only software, and works only with Nokia N95, N96 and the Nokia 5800 Tube, a fellow blogger reveals.

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Nokia N96 gets BBC iPlayer shows

The BBC and Nokia have announced that iPlayer support will be available for the handset maker’s much-anticipated N96 smartphone.

iPlayer is already available through devices including the iPhone, Wii, PS3 and via Virgin Media, now Nokia has collaborated with the BBC to build an application which will let N96 users both download and stream iPlayer content over both 3G and Wi-Fi.

Enabling over the air show downloads is likely to be a plus for potential N96 purchasers – that and the up to 24GB capacity of the device. Even the iPhone can’t access BBC shows over 3G…
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