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Muso Records Whole Album Using Only an iPhone

What’s an iPhone-loving songwriting sound-engineer got to do to grab a little attention in this new digital world order? Why, record an entire album of music using only his iPhone and a selection of musical apps, of course.

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Stanford’s MacBook orchestra exposed

This is kind of interesting, an orchestra at Stanford University that uses laptops to create their music, and collaborates with other orchestras for ‘live’ performances over the internet.

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iTunes U offers in-depth Louis Armstrong session

Apple’s iTunes U is offering a lengthy in-depth account of the life of the great Louis Armstrong – and this huge show (a 1.5 hour video) is available now for free from iTunes.

The show comes from The Center for Jazz Studies at Columbia University. It features presenters Wynton Marsalis and Stanley Crouch alongside host Robert O’Meally, and is a video recording of a lecture given at the University earlier this year,

The lecture formed part of the Jazz and American Culture lecture series, featuring live performances from Marsalis and in-depth question and answer sessions.

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