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Ex-Floyd manager: iTunes an album sales ‘disaster’

One time manager of Pink Floyd, Sincere Management’s Pete Jenner slammed iTunes for its effect on album sales at a UK music industry event this week.

Speaking at a MusicTank conference, he said Apple’s music store has “had the disastrous effect on the record industry of debundling the album.” He complained cherry-picking tracks from albums means consumers now “buy the two album tracks that are worth buying,” Music Week informs.

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Music ‘n’ iPhone drive Apple’s iXmas – reports

While legal beagles flood the ‘net with searches for the New York Bar Exam today, the rest of us are really, really passionate about music, new research explains – and it looks like good news for Apple and others in the sector this Holiday Season, read on…

A pair of reports emanating from Bauer Media and the Consumer Electronics Association show a growing appetite for music among consumers (that’s you and I), and increasing demand for music among US teens.

With such a fury of interest at music, it’s a surprise the┬álabel bosses can’t seem to sell the stuff.

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Snow Patrol link with Apple in iPhone ad deal

Apple is working with huge international musicians, Snow Patrol, who will become the first artists to deliver an interactive album application for the iPhone and iPod touch, ahead of the release of their fifth studio album next month, Music Week reports.

The application will be made available for download and will offer Snow Patrol fans a bunch of extra content – artwork, pictures, lyrics and more – all the media will be made accessible using the touch screen on the Apple device – the first time a specific application such as this has been developed for the iPhone.
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