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Introducing Playcharts.com, back-to-back music video

A new music video site that offers back-to-back playback of YouTube clips of the top 100 songs in pop, r&b, rock, hip-hop and dance engaged in a soft launch this month.

Playcharts.com aggregates data from multiple sources to develop its charts, and then races across the internet to source relevant videos. The service also offers back-to-back playback of new music across the genres it tracks.

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MOG music websites draw triple traffic

The MOG music blogging platform has confirmed it has surpassed 3 million unique visitors per month, according to Quantcast.com, tripling its site traffic in less than three months.

The MOG Music Network (MMN) – MOG’s advertising network for independent music blogs and music websites, which launched in August – now includes over 200 of the world’s music blogs, such as Glorious Noise, DiscoMusic.com, Rock on the Streets and the controversial MetalSucks, the company said.

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iTunes spurning AC/DC star in Excel music video

AC/DC’s quite brilliant ‘Black Ice’ album may not be available online, and while the legendary band have offered a few treats for the digital generation this latest fan-based move is something else…

AC/DC feature in the world’s first music video created within an Excel spreadsheet, built using ASCII art. Bigging up the clip, the band’s ‘people’ said, “AC/DC smashes through the corporate firewall with real rock ‘n’ roll. Watch the video playing back as ASCII art in Microsoft Excel!”

You can see the clip after the break, mainly so we could include an image of the new album and note that relatively recent estimates suggest the band’s music’s been downloaded in excess of half a million times of the file-sharing networks…

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iTunes offers The Clash ‘London Calling’ vid for free

iTunes has a huge treat for fans of seminal UK band, The Clash – a free video of the act performing classic track, ‘London Calling’.

The video is described by customers on the iTunes site as the “iconic video of the iconic song by an iconic band.” It’s also described as “arguably the best song from arguably the best band that ever graced the face of the earth”. High praise indeed.

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Universal Music plans own music video channel

Universal Music has yet another DIY plan – this time it’s mulling the launch of its very own music video portal, similar to what broadcaster NBC has done with Hulu.

The music video website would offer music videos, interviews and all manner of artist-focused videos. The world’s largest music company is also keen to carry music videos from other labels too.

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eMusic wants REM-declared ‘dead’ format

eMusic is attempting to secure deals to offer DRM-free video, while REM front man Michael Stipe declares music video a dead format.
It’s an interesting juxtaposition, I suppose, that eMusic CEO David Pakman wants to offer video through the service, but only so long as networks and studios agree to make it available in DRM-free MPEG-4.
eMusic already offers a succesful music subscriptions business, offering customers a quantity of downloads each month in exchange for a set fee. Now, Pakman wants to offer television shows, and, presumably, music videos. While the CEO seems pretty certain such services will happen, he anticipates it will be “at least a year” before eMusic can reach such deals.
Maybe, maybe not. Michael Stipe of R.E.M. says that the music video is dead, and that while he is not entirely certain what the future of music marketing is, he’s putting a lot of stock into the internet.
To promote “Accelerate,” the band ramped-up their internet activity, offering interesting clips such as those capturing the act working on songs, and also letting fans take REM clips to use in their own videos.
Stipe describes the move as one in which the band is empowering and enabling a creative response to the act’s work, rather than simple consumption of the finished product.
What’s also important here is that the move also enables a two-way relationship between band and fan, closing the circle between them in a way that’s likely to consolidate the relationship.
Is the music video dead?

Apple adding YouTube music video to iTunes?

OK – this one really does belong in the unconfirmed rumour/speculation box, but this screenshot allegedly displays little video running in front of iTunes, and this video (apparently) is pulling music videos appropriate to what’s playing in iTunes from YouTube, one of Apple’s major partners. What could be even more interesting here is if that sort of technology could appear on the iPhone/iPod touch, so when you play a song you automatically get to watch the relevant video from YouTube on your screen. Kind of like MTV used to be, but with actual musical taste.

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