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Official UK subscription chart launches

The Official Charts Company (OCC) has launched a music subscription chart, which ranks the most played tracks by UK users of subscription services.

Data is based on that supplied by Napster, Omnifone (which operates the Music Station service, currently run through Vodafone), HMV and the Nokia Music Store.
Initially, the data will comprise a weekly Top 500 most-played tracks for industry use, with top-line market stats for each week. The data will be incorporated into the OCC’s definitive online database in 2009. The chart company will also add data from additional subs services as they launch in the UK.
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Subs get gloomy, Napster losses climb

Subscription-based music services lack that essential magic touch, with consumers abandoning them in droves – and Napster particularly hard hit.

Napster admitted last night that the number of subscribers to its service fell between April and May by 52,000 to 708,000. The company’s net loss grew 2% to $4.38 million.

Perhaps the only successful subs model in operation right now comes from eMusic. Unlike Napster, where most tracks are shrouded in DRM, eMusic’s entire four million track catalogue is available for purchase DM-free.
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