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Performance-quality sampling app hits iPhone

Some of you may have asked for performance-grade sample instruments for the iPhone. Some of you may have wanted to mess around with your own or other people’s samples using the device. There’s probably a few folk who’d like to have a portable sample mixing station tied into their decks when they’re playing a live show. For all of you – good news, the wait is over with the launch of Star6, which does all of this.

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Noise Trio: If the Chemical Bros. used an iPhone

Noise Trio is a free iPhone synthesizer from the Noise.io Pro team, offering three instruments including rock guitar, arabic flute and Japanese bells. We can best express how interesting this is in the second video (after the jump) where you’ll see it played in Chemical Brothers’ style.

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Online music for musicians: SoundCloud

An online music service with a difference is set to launch this week, SoundCloud, a service which declares itself to offer a “cloud-based music-sharing platform for music industry pros.”

It’s a web-based audio platform aimed at music pros who need to send, receive and distribute large music files online. It also offers collaborative features. Basically it’s designed as a platform that’s less hassle to use and more powerful in what it can achieve than IM or FTP for file transfer – should be a boon to producers, presumably. Continue reading

Oasis’ Noel Gallagher on Guitar Hero and Apple

Noel Gallagher of Oasis thinks games like GuitarHero may switch kids onto music-making and revealed the band made all the demos for their soon-to-ship seventh album using Apple’s GarageBand application.

He was speaking with MusicRadar as the act hits the media circuit to big up the release of ‘Dig Out Your Soul’, the group’s seventh’s studio album (due October 6 in the UK, October 7 in the US).

Gallagher also admitted to not yet having heard the recent Cookin’ Soul mash-up of Jay-Z vs. Oasis, but said such things were “a bit of fun”. A
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