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2008’s digital music start-ups

Music Ally has put together an extensive list of 200 digital music start-ups which have emerged across the last 12 months.

The extensive round-up of new business ideas covers launches by category: social and sharing; video; stores and services; streaming, place-shifting; recommendations and discovery; digital labels; P2P and file-sharing; games and virtual worlds; live music and ticketing; stuff for artists; online mixtapes, MP3 search sites and tools.

The list also includes a single entry category called, “great big stick things that you swish about” and another called “sites with lots of cowbell”.

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Music Ally/MidemNet see iPhone in future music

Leading digital music strategy and research company, Music Ally and MIDEM, organizers of the digital music-focused MidemNet, have announced the winners of the second Music Ally/MidemNet “New Business Showcase.”

The seven winners are: The EchoNest (US), Soundcloud (Germany), MPTrax (US), Playanywhere (Israel/US/UK), Instinctiv (US), Passionato (UK), Mustik (Netherlands). They will present their ideas at MidemNet’s 10th annual conference in Cannes from 17-18 January 2009.

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Snow Patrol shift 30k iPhone apps in first week

Snow Patrol’s iPhone application generated 30,000 downloads during its first week of release, a senior executive from the band’s label has revealed.

Polydor’s head of digital Paul Smernicki says the label is pleased with the performance of its recently released Snow Patrol iPhone application, which promoted the band’s new album. “We’re relatively pleased with the results,” he exclusively told Music Ally, Distorted Loop can reveal.

The executive also noted that the release of the software did help generate interest in the band’s latest album, ‘A Hundred Million Suns’.

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MusicAlly puts mobile music on trial

Music Ally will this month pitch two world class speakers against each other in a unique mock-trial on the promise of the mobile music industry.
Titled “Mobile Music in the Dock” the event promises to put the claims made by the mobile industry about mobile music on trial. Speakers will be Mobile Entertainment Forum chairman Ralph Simon and Sibelius Software’s Jeremy Silver acting as defence and prosecution respectively.

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Chasm exists between music biz and fan

UK music industry analysis firm, Music Ally, has released serious research exploring the Future of Music Retail.

The analysts have made a free copy of a summary of the survey results available for download. The survey asked a number of leading UK music industry executives for their views on future pricing, business models and the outlook for music retail. The report includes Music Ally’s analysis of the results.
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