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Orange, O2 nix iPhone UK multi-carrier claims

Orange and O2 are denying claims that both operators will offer the iPhone in the UK from the end of the year, disappointing many who believed reports last week claiming Apple to be moving to liberalise its distribution arrangements in the UK.

As previously reported, Apple intended allowing Orange to distribute the iPhone in the UK from later in the year, when its exclusive deal with O2 was reportedly due to expire.

Orange and O2 have now dismissed these rumours.
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Spiderman creator spins online

Spiderman creator, Stan Lee, has reached a deal to publish his latest comic book series, ‘Time Jumper’, online and on digital devices – iPods, mobile phones, and also as a traditional comic book.

The deal, with Walt Disney, means the publisher will make the new comic available through myriad channels. Speaking to the Financial Times, Lee said: “Comics have always been a springboard for movies,” Lee told the FT. “This deal means they can be a springboard for a new form of entertainment.”
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Gartner yawns at Sony Ericsson Walkman phones

Sony Ericsson introduced its W902, W595 and W302 Walkman phones this week.

During the launch, the company’s Ben Padley, Head of music, said: “Since the launch of our first Walkman phone in 2005, Sony Ericsson has continued to pioneer a superior mobile music experience – and the 77 million Walkman phones sold to date are testament to this commitment.”

Analysts at Gartner aren’t convinced the company’s really doing enough to see off the threat from ever-cheaper, consumerr-focused smartphones, as players such as BlackBerry, Nokia and Apple move into the music device space.
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iPhone App Store and music, music, media

Apple has opened up the App Store from which it will be selling a huge range of applications for the iPhone and the iPod touch as the company develops its own wireless portable platform.
As you’d expect the new Apps Store features a huge number of music-related applications. The store also offers a wide range of games, productivity applications and more. In conjunction with the launch of the App Store, Apple has also opened up the Mobile Me service, and is expected to ship the all-important iPhone Software Update 2.0 at any point – software that’s required in order to use these new applications on your iPhone, or iPod touch. A quick step through the music-related applications offered by the store reveals:

– Band. From Moo Cow Music – Band is absolutely fantastic, the easiest way to describe it is to show you the rather special video of a performance by a bunch of musicians, called iBand, who have been using beta versions of this outstanding music-making software on jailbroken devices for many months. Also Drummer.

– an Apple-developed application called Remote, which lets you use your mobile device to control your iTunes collection and or an Apple TV, with the huge advantage of being able to navigate your content on the screen of your device. We think this is a huge deal, as the devices immediately become the first remote we’ve heard of that actually works intuitively, and we know of at least one company developing similar solutions to enable the devices to be used as remotes for other electrical devices around the home.

– Shazam. This amazing app lets you find the name of any music that’s playing. Just initiate the application, point the iPhone at the music source and you’ll be told what the tune is, who plays it, and where to purchase it.

There’s guitar tuners, conductors, metronomes, radio stations, guitar tools, tuners, beat boxes – there’s 22 music-related applications in all, and that’s if you discount social networking apps, such as Facebook and MySpace, from the list.

Universal touts new master-tone record

Universal reckons it has chalked-up a new digital music record in Japan, where R&B artist Thelma Aoyama’s second single Sobaniirune (I’ll Be With You) has sold over 7 million downloads in Japan, including 2 million full-track mobile downloads.
In a rare glimpse at the download payload, Universal reveals the track’s seen 3.4 million master-tone, 2 million full-track mobile download, and 1.6 million ring-back tone sales.
The song has also been certified by leading Japanese music chart provider, Oricon, as the country’s most popular physical CD single of the year, selling more than 550,000 copies to date.
The single was released by Universal Music Japan in two stages.  It debuted digitally as a master-tone last December, but its popularity exploded when released as a full-track download (and physical CD single) early in 2008.  A major factor was the track’s inclusion in a TV commercial by Japan’s telco giant, NTT DoCoMo.
Last year, Aiuta (Love Song) by Universal Music Japan act GreeeeN became the first full-track mobile download anywhere to sell a million copies.
With family roots in Japan and Trinidad & Tobago, Thelma Aoyama became interested in music at the age of three, influenced by a videoclip of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation, and she started to sing in a gospel choir at age ten.  Her 2007 single, One Way, was her debut recording for Universal Music Japan.