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Shazam service opens up mobile music

Shazam has today announced that its service  can be fully integrated with operators’ music stores to allow users to download tracks directly to their handsets, with T-Mobile the first operator to integrate Shazam with its own music store on Samsung’s new music phones.

The Shazam service is now embedded into Samsung mobiles, including the latest Beatb (model: M3510) and the Beats (model: M3200) mobiles.  The Shazam application on Samsung’s new phones allows users to seamlessly discover music simply by holding their mobiles to the tune for just a few seconds and then go on to buy identified tracks through operators’ dedicated music stores.
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Nokia’s ‘iPhone-killer’ to launch next week

Nokia will unveil its very own iPhone-killer next week, a touchscreen device until now called the ‘Tube’.

Following up last week’s introduction of the first Android-powered touchscreen device, HTC’s Dream, the Nokia gadget is the first device from the manufacturer to employ this technology.

Nokia will introduce its new handset in London next week on October 2. While the company has declined to comment on the launch, a Gartner analyst observed the company continues to lag behind Apple, “We have been wating for the market leader to respond to Apple’s iPhone for a year and a half now.”

The company does have a good track record, the same report explains, observing that while Nokia was late to introduce devices capable of accessing 3G network, the devices it did offer quickly achieved wide market acceptance. Continue reading

Sony Ericsson unlimited music plan launch October

Sony Ericsson has today confirmed plans to offer its very own unlimited music download service, launching the service – PlayNow plus – in Sweden this year, with an international roll-out penned for 2009.

Like Nokia’s ‘Comes With Music’ service (which Nokia chiefs take pains to say will cost more money than just the handset price), Somy Ericsson’s music attempt will let users download unlimited music at a fixed rate.

The company is reaching deals with operators, under which music downloaded through the service won’t count against a users’ data plan, carriers will instead get a slice of the $15/month subs fees.
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Nokia Comes With Music Oct 2 launch event

Nokia is planning a big media bash on October 2 to launch its ‘Comes With Music’ service in the UK.

The company is sending out invitations to media requesting they attend the launch party, to be held at London, Camden’s Koko, with performances from Keane and Ida Maria.

Nokia has reached an exclusive one-year deal with Carphone Warehouse, which will offer Comes With Music with the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic handheld.  
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Nokia Comes With Music UK launch next month

Nokia will introduce its Comes With Music service in the UK next month, introducing its fill-yer-boots free music offering into Europe and Asia next year.

‘Comes With Music’ gives people a year of unlimited access to the entire Nokia Music Store catalogue (c.2.1 million tracks) with the ability to keep all downloaded tracks even after the year is over.

(We do wonder if Warner will take its music out of the system to boost album sales, post Adele, in order to maintain the fiction that it’s not out to weaken Apple’s market share).
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Sony Ericsson sparks DRM-free music store

Sony Ericsson introduced its own digital music service, PlayNow arena, an online store selling music, games and applications free of DRM over the air.

The service is live now in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway, with support for additional territories promised at a later date. The service launches with a claimed million tracks, though Billboard notes Universal to be the only major not yet to make content from its catalogue available through the service.
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iPhone stats you need to know

Continuing the tendency to look to the iPhone, we’ve noted a few interesting statistics emerge recently. We think iPhone will have a growing impact on music and media as its story unfurls, so it’s well worth staying in the Apple loop, here at Distorted Loop.

Why does this device matter? It’s a good attempt at a multimedia device which is selling like hot-cakes and capturing global attention. It’s focusing the energies of competing firms on developing other multimedia-friendly products, meaning (for music and other media) creatives can consider a mobile platform into which to seed their art.

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Vodafone Music launch in UK

Vodafone has launched its Vodafone Music service in the UK, offering song downloads over the air to supported mobile phones at 99p per track, or £7.99 for an album.

The service lets customers preview songs, download tracks directly to their mobile and offers immediate playback of purchased tracks.

Available music is searchable and tracks purchased on another handset can be transferred to a new one.
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No anti-iPhone Zune phone says Gartenberg

Microsoft is unlikely to introduce a Zune phone to compete with the iPhone, Jupiter Research analyst, Michael Gartenberg tells us.

Writing in his online blog, the analyst says Microsoft won’t take te fight to Apple in this way because the “business model of Windows Mobile is totally different than Zune.”

The analyst argues that while Zune deployed technologies Mi crosoft shared with others, those involved in creating music players weren’t achieving a market presence. Not so Windows Mobile, he says.
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