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Snow Patrol introduce second iPhone App

snowpatrolSnow Patrol have introduced the band’s second iPhone app, a free one, which marks the release of the act’s ‘Up To Now’ album.

The application offers the following features:

Make A Snowflake – every snowflake is unique, and your App can be too. Use your finger and the tools provided to create your own snowflake, then save and use it as your own personalized navigation within the app. You can even export the snowflake and use it as your online avatar.

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iPhone empowers mobile music downloads

iphone-app-chartsApple’s decision to enable music downloads over the air on the iPhone has unleashed new interest in mobile music services, with UK chart invigilators, the Official Charts Company, today launching the first Official Mobile Downloads Chart, to reflect the growing consumption of music on the mobile phone.

“The Official Mobile Downloads Chart has launched to coincide with the release of the first iPhone application to offer Official Charts,” the organisation said.

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Microsoft attacks Apple on mobile music

old_mobile_phoneMicrosoft has taken a stab at the UK’s mobile music artist, this morning introducing a new music download service through MSN Mobile.

The new service is attempting to tempt UK consumers to purchase and download songs, realtones and music videos from thousands of major artists as well as up and coming acts.

The content licenses and technical platform for MSN Mobile Music is offered in partnership with VidZone Digital Media.

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Most MP3 players are mobile phones

Mobile phones which play MP3s are outselling CD players by five to one to become the UK’s favourite music devices – at least that’s what the research claims.

The Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) has released GfK data which shows that over the past two years over 44 million mobile phones have been sold in the UK that can play MP3s.

That compares with sales of just over 8 million CD players over the same period, ERA said.

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Apple iTunes faces battle in Japan

Nokia’s ‘Comes With Music’ may already have generated its first fan-site, but questions remain on the future for mobile music services – surely the usability factor doesn’t yet match desktop alternatives, such as iTunes?

Apple does offer the iTunes Store for WiFi, and has before been rumoured to hold plans for its very own mobile music service, though this may prove less successful if aimed at iPhone users alone. As an incremental addition, iTunes for WiFi offers something like a mobile experience.

That no one beyond Nokia appears yet to be aiming to offer a full package (hot potato) mobile music service, incumbents must surely be mulling the latest figures to come out of Japan.

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MusicAlly puts mobile music on trial

Music Ally will this month pitch two world class speakers against each other in a unique mock-trial on the promise of the mobile music industry.
Titled “Mobile Music in the Dock” the event promises to put the claims made by the mobile industry about mobile music on trial. Speakers will be Mobile Entertainment Forum chairman Ralph Simon and Sibelius Software’s Jeremy Silver acting as defence and prosecution respectively.

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Napster cosies up to AT&T for mobile music

While Napster seems down – shedding cash consistently while subscription services continue to fail to ignite consumer market share, the company has no intention to stop slugging it out in its attempt to consolidate its business.

Latest news sees Napster Mobile make its service available to 13 million AT&T Wireless customers in the US.

The service is now available on more than 25 AT&T smartphones and handsets, including BlackBerry Bold, AT&T Quickfire, Pantech Matrix and Samsung Propel.

The expansion of the supported handsets was made possible by less restrictive digital rights management (DRM) requirements from the labels and Napster’s adoption of more flexible technology.

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Shazam and Vodafone extend German deal

Shazam has reached yet another deal with a mobile phone company, this time introducing its music discovery solutions to Vodafone Germany customers.

The new deal – announced at 2pm (UK time) at Popkomm, Berlin, Germany – means Shazam is expanding its partnership with Vodafone Germany, which will now offer Shazam’s innovative music discovery application alongside the already popular service.

The new application, MusicFinder with Shazam, allows users to capture music instantly on their handsets, share their new discoveries with friends, and purchase music products through the Vodafone Music Store.
Vodafone Germany customers will be able to download the MusicFinder application direct to their handset from the Vodafone Live! Portal and get a 30 day free trial after which they can subscribe to get unlimited usage for just €2.99 per month.  Customers can use the MusicFinder with Shazam application as well as the IVR service for just 49 euro cents per use. Continue reading

Nokia’s ‘Comes With Music’ US launch next year

Nokia will introduce its ‘Comes With Music’ service to the US next year.

The service effectively pits the world’s largest mobile phone maker in a direct challenge with Apple’s iPhone (family?) and its iTunes store. Within the purchase price of a handset, Nokia is offering customers all-you-can-eat access to music – though there are a few caveats to the deal.

On plans to extend the service to the UK, Tero Ojanpera, head of entertainment business at Nokia said in a statement: “In the United States we will launch next year”.

A move to introduce ‘Comes With Music’ into the US makes some sense in terms of Nokia’s attempt to broaden its grip on the mobile market there.

The move could face challenges: The US digital music market is far more advanced, partially because labels have been faster to reach deals with new technology services there. Continue reading