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Music Ally/MidemNet see iPhone in future music

Leading digital music strategy and research company, Music Ally and MIDEM, organizers of the digital music-focused MidemNet, have announced the winners of the second Music Ally/MidemNet “New Business Showcase.”

The seven winners are: The EchoNest (US), Soundcloud (Germany), MPTrax (US), Playanywhere (Israel/US/UK), Instinctiv (US), Passionato (UK), Mustik (Netherlands). They will present their ideas at MidemNet’s 10th annual conference in Cannes from 17-18 January 2009.

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Music consumption climbs, industry needs change

Topspin Media’s Ian Rogers offered the keynote speech at the recent Grammy Northwest Music Tech Summit, using the moment to declare the death of old music and the birth of a new age of connection between artist and fan. “The physics of the media space have changed and you shouldn’t expect the winners or even the definition of winning to stay constant,” he said, as noted by Hypebot.

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U2 manager speaks on Apple, music

We’ve come across this video of U2 manager Paul McGuinness offering his thoughts on digital music at Midem earlier this year.
He called it, “The Online Bonanza: Who is making the money and why aren’t they sharing it?” In this he had some tough things to say against, well, almost everybody – and predicted Apple’s move to offer subscription services through iTunes, which is theoretically coming along next month. Worth a watch/listen if you haven’t seen this before. (He also predicted a three strikes and you’re out scheme with ISPs, the evolution of a strong iTunes alternative and more – not at all bad for nine minutes chat).