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Indie retailer makes digi-music rescue bid

While some retailers would love to see digital music terminated and all computers ground into dust, some music shop owners are adopting a new strategy. Well, that’s how a report in the Tribune reads, telling the tale of Finest Records store owner, Jim Risser, who decided to put a MediaPort digital music kiosk inside one of his three shops. A machine that now accounts for 10 per cent of his income.
‘Course, we can’t be sure this story isn’t just a planted item from the music kiosk company, but, if it’s true, Risser’s reaction is pretty positive, particularly as in March his business faced extinction, with earnings halved in just three years.
Sadly for anyone who appreciates the significance of a good independent record store, Risser has had to put his shops up for sale, but no one’s buying into music retail right now.
“My goal is to keep Finest going. I’m doing whatever it takes to keep it going,” he said. “This is a step.”