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Pete Jenner speaks at MusicTank seminar

Highly-respected music manager Pete Jenner will speak at the third of MusicTank’s ‘Lets Sell Recorded Music’ events, in a speech focusing on how we can license compelling alternatives to file sharing.
The event – which takes place November 18 at the MCPS-PRS Alliance – will also feature Beggar’s Simon Wheeler, Jez Bell From MCPS-PRS Alliance, Clintons’ Tom Frederikse On Panel.
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iTunes’ 40%+ boost to musical royalties

iTunes helped boost songwriter royalties by over 40 per cent in the first six months of 2008, reports royalty collecting society, the MCPS-PRS Alliance.

Despite climbing digital sales, songwriters made 15% less money from CD sales in the first six months of the year as consumers chose to download music from the internet, figures have revealed.

The MCPS-PRS Alliance mid-year results show £74.7 million was made from sales of physical formats, such as CDs and DVDs, down from £82.3 million in the same period last year.
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New ‘In Rainbows’ figures are music lesson

Radiohead’s “pay what you want” distribution gamble paid off despite – or perhaps because of – rampant file sharing, an report claims.
MCPS got these figures together in partnership with analysis firm BigChampagne. They declare that the album saw 2.3 million BitTorrent downloads in its first 24 days on sale – but still pushed the band to the top. In an odd conclusion, the report informs even when albums are offered for free legitimately, users are still unlikely to break the habit of using BitTorrent.
“Frequently, music industry professionals suggest that an increase in legitimate sales must necessarily coincide with a commensurate reduction in piracy, as if this were a fact,” says the report.

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