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M&S takes iPod school exam

UK high street retailer, Marks and Spencer, has created a new range of iPod-ready, switched-on and wired up school uniforms for UK kids.

The new school kit integrates secret pockets for the iPods to nestle inside, and also offer fabric-based controls for the music players, along with a bunch of pockets and secret trails in which to conceal the wires.

The coat and blazer are ‘made for iPod’ featuring Fibretronic’s five function keypad controller discretely built into the lapel area of the inside lining.

The blazer is available in girls and boys sizes from age ten to age sixteen and retails at £25.00 to £30.00. The winter coat for girls and boys ages ten to sixteen is retailing at £35.00 to £40.00 all models directly available from Marks and Spencer.

Via: Talk 2 My Shirt