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Should music really be free? No.

Music industry analyst Mark Mulligan has sparked huge debate with a series of posts which explain why music can’t just be free.

His statements won a round of vituperative responses, and the analyst responded to these with a post on his own blog this afternoon.

Mulligan points out that as an active musician and an industry analyst, he (and we agree with him) doesn’t believe artists should be returned to some romantic position as unpaid minstrels travelling from town-to-town in hope of earning a few cents to survive.

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MusicAlly puts mobile music on trial

Music Ally will this month pitch two world class speakers against each other in a unique mock-trial on the promise of the mobile music industry.
Titled “Mobile Music in the Dock” the event promises to put the claims made by the mobile industry about mobile music on trial. Speakers will be Mobile Entertainment Forum chairman Ralph Simon and Sibelius Software’s Jeremy Silver acting as defence and prosecution respectively.

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Jupiter analyst offers Apple iTunes advice

Jupiter Research analyst Mark Mulligan has a few tips for Apple boss, Steve Jobs.

Writing in his blog, Mulligan notes that all the attention of recent months has focused on the iPhone, with scant notice being paid to the iPod or iTunes – but the rumour machine is just starting up in support of these products.

“So add that dynamic to us being smack in the middle of the silly season and it makes sense that rumours are finally beginning to bubble up, principally around a full iPod range refresh and an iTunes subscription offering,” he notes.
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