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Why the majors should go DRM-free with iTunes

Major labels are happy now to sell DRM-free music through retailers such as Amazon and 7Digital, but Apple remains locked out, with three of the four majors denying it permission to sell tracks DRM-free through its iTunes Plus service – even though it’s the largest US music retailer. But this may soon change.

9to5Mac claims Sony Music will make moves to license its tracks for sale through iTunes Plus in the coming “weeks or months”, with some speculating a potential announcement at Macworld San Francisco.

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Stupid bureaucrats are killing Pandora

Sometimes you just have to despair at the actions of the labels and their good buddies in government, why is the music industry about the only one to receive this level of trans-national government protectionism.

It sucks and kills innovation – bad for music, bad for artists (because it legitimises old-fashioned Tin Pan Alley money-grabbing) and bad for consumers – though probably quite good for the funny handshake and rolled up trouser leg brigade, but I digress.

I came across the Motley Fool’s account on the slow destruction of Pandora at the hands of iniquitous royalties being demanded for internet radio by SoundExchange. I think they get it just about right,…
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eMusic catalogue reaches 4 million tracks

Online music retailer, eMusic, this week announced the size of its global music catalogue has reached four million tracks.

The company now offers music from over 40,000 record labels, Music is sold on a subscription basis, in which users can download a set number of tracks each month in return for their money.

All music sold through eMusic is sold in a DRM-free MP3 format. However, major labels have so far refused to license their music through the service, which counts itself as the number two music service after iTunes.

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