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PureSolo for Mac/PC is music unleashed

This week sees the launch of PureSolo.com, a unique website service for the musically-minded that lets you play along to a variety of music tracks.
PureSolo.com is a website and free downloadable software (for Mac and Windows) that enables musicians to play along to any of 10,000 well-known music tracks, and also lets musicians record and share the music.
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Fall Out Boy prep Apple iPhone social network app

Way back we warned that you should expect a wave of iPhone applications from musicians promoting new albums, now Fall Out Boy has joined Snow Patrol, Pink, David Cook and the Nine Inch Nails in making a music-focused pitch at fans using the Apple device.

Fall Out Boy will introduce its own iPhone application before the December 16 release of new album “Folie a Deux”, Billboard helpfully notes.

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Last.fm sings us along – adds song lyrics

Last.fm has reached a deal with LyricFind to offer searchable lyrics alongside its free music service.

The move means 800,000 Song lyrics from major and independent artists – from The Beatles to Radiohead – are easily available at Last.fm.

Lyrics can be searched by artist name, song title and phrase. They come from LyricFind’s database of content drawn from over 1,800 music publishers including EMI, Warner-Chappell, Sony/ATV and Universal/BMG.

An excerpt from each available lyric will be featured on the relevant Last.fm track page, so you can click through to the full lyric page.

Another useful feature means you should be able to search for specific songs by lyrics, finding the exact track through the input of lines and phrases.
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EMI + Sainsbury to offer lyrical clothing range

This one’s an interesting move to expand the reach of music – a deal between EMI Music Publishing and leading UK retailer Sainsbury’s Tu Clothing division means we’ll soon be able to buy clothes featuring “lyrics to some of the greatest songs ever written”, the partners promised.

This new range of singer/songwriter royalty payment friendly clobber will include products for men, women and children, will feature words from classic songs from EMI’s catalogue of over 1.3 million songs such as “My Girl”, “ABC”, “(Theme From) The Monkees”, “Wild Thing” and “Dancing In The Street.”

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iTunes, digital and music’s missing words

I remember the days when you and your mate would get back from the record shop with a new slice of vinyl, and get a kick out of listening to the music while singing along, reading the lyrics printed on the record sleeve. It was an exuberant experience that I for one have missed since the dawn of the CD.

Things have got worse – digital music means you rarely get lyrics with your purchase, and music publishers have made no significant effort to resolve this, other than to pursue unauthorised lyrics websites.

Clearly, rights holders aren’t planning a future business model that’s at all relevant to the digital age. Why, for example, aren’t lyrics attached to song downloads through iTunes? It’s a classic case of rights holders ignoring the audience, but most of us are used to that now.

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