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Why the majors should go DRM-free with iTunes

Major labels are happy now to sell DRM-free music through retailers such as Amazon and 7Digital, but Apple remains locked out, with three of the four majors denying it permission to sell tracks DRM-free through its iTunes Plus service – even though it’s the largest US music retailer. But this may soon change.

9to5Mac claims Sony Music will make moves to license its tracks for sale through iTunes Plus in the coming “weeks or months”, with some speculating a potential announcement at Macworld San Francisco.

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Lost Tunes to offer exclusive La’s, Delays music

Universal’s high-quality rare cut digital music service, Lost Tunes, today made a range of previously unreleased tracks by the La’s available, while also declaring a plan to release an exclusive EP featuring the Delays on October 10.

The Delays EP sees the band offer cover versions of tracks from Nico, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Go Go’s and The House of Love. Appearently the band got to choose four of their favourite ‘lost tunes’ for the release, which will only be available via Lost Tunes.

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Universal stabs iTunes, launches ‘Lost Tunes’

Universal Music has today introduced its own cross-platform music download service, offering rare tracks at near lossless quality – and has called the service ‘LostTunes’, in an indirect stab at Apple’s iTunes service,

Available online at Lost Tunes, Universal describes the service as a “groundbreaking online download store dedicated to exclusives, rarities and overlooked classics”.

Lost Tunes is a major project for Universal Music which began just over a year ago, with a dedicated team and have been searching through the Universal Music archives for forgotten gems.
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