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Owngig.com gig one: The Blow Monkeys

Owngig.com is proud to announce it’s first gig featuring The Blow Monkeys, taking place on November 22.

The website, launched just 3 months ago, allows fans to bid for which artist they would most like to see perform live, matching requests to help create a one-off event. Fans of The Blow Monkeys have recently created such a high demand that it has already made their dream gig become a reality, the release describing the achievement reveals.

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AOL + Amex = Tour Tracker

America Online and American Express are working together on a new fan-focused website, Tour Tracker, that lets music lovers track tours by their preferred acts and enables them to buy tickets.

Hosted by AOL Music the site is sponsored by Amex. Amex is offering discounts on ticket prices for Amex card holders. With a view to the new generation of Johnny Five music fan in its eternal quest for “input, input, input”, the site also offers pictures taken during tours, discussion groups, news and other information, including editor’s picks, Billboard reports.
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Fans takin’ over, introducing OwnGig.com

Bat For Lashes - Live At Latitude 2008If you’ve ever wanted your favourite band to perform at your wedding, hall or even in your front room, but haven’t had the cash or the connections to make it happen, then you’ll love new service, OwnGig.com.
The idea’s simple enough – fans bid for a band(s) they want to see, the system keeps an eye on the bids and groups them together by geography, and once enough money is pledged to make it practical, the act is booked for the event.
It’s kind of like putting music fans like you or me in charge of a billionaire’s budget, making those ‘private gigs’ the world’s rich enjoy a little more approachable to the rest of us. The venue can be an unusual one and audience numbers can be small – it simply depends on how much money is put into the pot.
The most popular bids on the service at the moment
include the Last Shadow Puppets, Tom Waits and (erm) Rick Astley.
Founder Richard Davies said: “We are very excited to offer such a unique service to fans and provide a direct channel to any artist through the creation of truly experiential events. For the artist themselves it also provides a greater understanding of their ‘live’ fan base across the world, encouraging them to tour areas they would otherwise not have visited.” We’re signing-up for OwnGig.com right now, as we think it’s a great idea.