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Napster Judge Calls for Major Copyright Reform

Music labels face the inevitable counter-punch to their years of merciless litigation against file-sharers in the US courts, with the coalition of the willing beginning to show significant cracks as key players reconsider their support for the RIAA.

A huge salvo was sent across the music industry bows this week, when the judge in the famed Napster case, Judge Miriam Hall Patel, calling for major copyright reforms,

Her plan includes a new public/private body to preside over the licensing and enforcement of copyright, Listening Post informs.

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We7 launches free music-on-demand service

We7 today officially launched its ads-supported music service, offering UK music lovers the chance to listen to whatever music they choose for free, and offering a chance to buy their favourite music.

The service’s extensive catalogue includes music from a three million strong catalogue of artists including Kings of Leon, Pink, Nickelback, and Estelle.

We7 is adding up to 30,000 tracks a day to its collection of over 3 million licensed tracks, including many new releases as they become available.
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Pete Jenner speaks at MusicTank seminar

Highly-respected music manager Pete Jenner will speak at the third of MusicTank’s ‘Lets Sell Recorded Music’ events, in a speech focusing on how we can license compelling alternatives to file sharing.
The event – which takes place November 18 at the MCPS-PRS Alliance – will also feature Beggar’s Simon Wheeler, Jez Bell From MCPS-PRS Alliance, Clintons’ Tom Frederikse On Panel.
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Fall Out Boy prep Apple iPhone social network app

Way back we warned that you should expect a wave of iPhone applications from musicians promoting new albums, now Fall Out Boy has joined Snow Patrol, Pink, David Cook and the Nine Inch Nails in making a music-focused pitch at fans using the Apple device.

Fall Out Boy will introduce its own iPhone application before the December 16 release of new album “Folie a Deux”, Billboard helpfully notes.

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Social networking’s sexier than Blu-ray

The price of Blu-ray players and discs seems set to fall this season, as those involved seek to take the format into the mass market – meanwhile that market’s changing, with consumers flocking to sign-up to location-based social networking services for their mobile phones, a pair of ABI Research reports claim.

“Blu-ray vendors and dealers are starting to realize that for Blu-ray to become the next DVD, they need to lower player prices in order to generate interest and build volumes,” said ABI Research principal analyst Steve Wilson.
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Music licensing borders begin decay

PPL has reached what will become a scrum of reciprocal deals between artist collection agencies, revealing an agreement with Belgian performer society URADEX.
The reciprocal deal covers PPL and URADEX members for the exchange of equitable remuneration of public performance, broadcast and private copying of sound recordings in the UK and Belgium. The agreement has generated immediate receipts for PPL and Uradex members whilst also ensuring that performers from both countries will receive backdated monies from 1996.
PPL’s Head of International, Laurence Oxenbury, said, “Belgium is a diverse music market and is very open to UK repertoire and we are therefore delighted to put this agreement in place which has generated immediate receipts for our performer members.”
URADEX has in the past experienced problems with distributing the money collected, the PPL release notes, saying, “however, with the appointment of new management at the beginning of 2007 and the support of other societies the problems have been overcome, enabling URADEX to begin to distribute money to Belgium and International performers.”
Cj Bowland and dance project Technotronic are a few of the Belgium artists who will benefit from UK airplay royalties, while UK dance artists including The Shapeshifters and Freestylers will benefit from the popularity of UK dance music in Belgium.