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Boxee team release Apple TV upgrade, more

We’ve been writing a lot recently about Boxee, who develop a powerful media centre application for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and the Apple TV.

For Apple TV users, of course, the big news is that after an extensive push by the hard-working developers behind the project, the new version of the software that’s compatible with the recently-software-updated Apple TV 2.3 is available now.

Seems not only media-junkies have been paying attention. Boxee recently revealed a $4 million investment from Spark Capital and Union Square Ventures which will see Bijan Sabet from Spark and Fred Wilson from Union Square join the Boxee board.
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RjDJ music app worlds the weird

RjDJ is getting big pop over at the App Store, it’s a fascinating application which sucks sounds in from the world around you using the iPhone’s microphone, and then mixes and tweaks those real sounds in lots of ways to create a unique, slightly tripped-out listening experience. Kind of like drinking lager on pain-killers (probably), but nowhere near as dangerous (probably).

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iTunes leads market as digi-music competition grows

iTunes remains the most well-known digital music brand, while pursued by Rhapsody and Amazon, though MySpace and Last.fm seem surprisingly less well-known, and the mindshare of Napster, Wal-Mart and Yahoo continues to decline.

“iTunes dominates this market,” says Karl Joyce, lead author of the Ipsos’ TEMPO Digital Music Brandscape study, “but that by no means suggests that there isn’t room for innovative competitors with differentiated offerings. Continue reading

Last.fm sings us along – adds song lyrics

Last.fm has reached a deal with LyricFind to offer searchable lyrics alongside its free music service.

The move means 800,000 Song lyrics from major and independent artists – from The Beatles to Radiohead – are easily available at Last.fm.

Lyrics can be searched by artist name, song title and phrase. They come from LyricFind’s database of content drawn from over 1,800 music publishers including EMI, Warner-Chappell, Sony/ATV and Universal/BMG.

An excerpt from each available lyric will be featured on the relevant Last.fm track page, so you can click through to the full lyric page.

Another useful feature means you should be able to search for specific songs by lyrics, finding the exact track through the input of lines and phrases.
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Last.fm ships second version iPhone app

Last.fm has introduced a second version of its Last.fm application for the iPhone, introducing a range of features and improvements.

Here’s the feature breakdown:
– vastly improved user interface all around (tap to zoom album art included)
– Ability to tag songs
– Personal tag radio
– Calendar based events view
– Common artists when viewing a user profile
– Many other usability and back-end features

The application is available in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain and France. The company is also working to make streaming more reliable on slower connections, revealed Toby Padilla on the Last.fm blog.

Dandy Warhols turn to Last.fm

Last.fm today announced the Dandy Warhols have joined Last.fm’s Artist Royalty Program, enabling them to accrue royalties for their self-released album “Earth to the Dandy Warhols” directly from the global free music site.
The Artist Royalty Program enables artists that are not affiliated with a label or collecting agency to collect on-demand and streaming radio royalties directly from Last.fm each time their music is listened to on the site. Musicians gain access to detailed listening statistics on their music and see how much revenue each track accrues.

Earlier this year the Dandy Warhols started their own label, Beat the World Records, to release their eighth album Earth to the Dandy Warhols. 
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iTunes widget fetches art, lyrics, Last.fm, more

Eternal Storms Software has introduced an interesting new tool for iTunes users, GimmeSomeTune 4.1.1. So, what’s it do?

This software automatically downloads artwork and lyrics for the currently playing song, shows an information window and scrobbles your music listening habit to ever-pervasive CBS-owned service, Last.fm.
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Last.fm makes Rock Band 2 stream connection

In an interesting new initiative, Last.fm has reached a deal to make its own streaming radio available through GameSpot’s hot gamer’s destination, Rock Band 2 Launch Center.

The Launch Center is a website on Game Spot’s site that’s dedicated to the game. It’s a limited deal though – site visitors are simply being enable to preview the over 50 songs that will be included within the game when it ships in mid-September.
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