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Lastminute.com offers festy toolkit for mobile

Remote as it seems considering this while watching the weather outside veer between torrential rainfall and bright summer sunlight, there’s a new festival guide in town, and once again it’s an integrated play.
Lastminute.com and mobile players Mobyko, Zygo and Textperts have got together to introduce the Mobile Survival Kit (MSK), a range of services for festival-goers.
The partners are offering back-up for contacts, photos and video, and an SMS answering service.
What we think is most useful is the offering from Zygo, which provides a group of users with one collective telephone number. The group can then send one message to that number and each member in the group will receive that text message, “meet my by the green tent beside the orange camper van,” for example.
All three mobile services are offering special deals around the festy-flavoured launch, which is supported by a campaign site at mobilesurvivalkit.com.