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Wall Street Urges Amazon Kindle Price Drop As eBook Wars Intensify

Amazon is facing pressure to cut Kindle prices even while the eBook war between the retailer, Apple and publishing houses means Amazon has stopped selling some Penguin and Hachette e-books.

With the overwhelmingly positive reviews greeting the iPad, which is set to snuggle into US consumer hands on the morrow, Wall Street is getting nervous for Amazon.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster says Amazon should cut the price of the Kindle: he suggests a reduction to $149, from the current $259.

Munster says he expects Amazon shares to be under pressure for a few weeks as the Street worries about the iPad eating into Kindle sales. Continue reading

iPad Kindle-killer (ships March 26), iBookstore expansion plans, more…

Appleā€™s iPad will ship on Friday, March 26, reports claim, with special gifts for those who queue up overnight to pick one of the devices up at their local Apple Store and staff training beginning next week, The Examiner claims.

Also AT&T on iPad market future; relax, production problems may not impact iPad availability. Bookworms – iBookstore’s on its way, hold steady – oh, and Kindle may get knocked aside by the Apple behemoth – and more. Read on…

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Esquire Mag gets messy with E-ink

Writing on his blog, Ryan Joseph explains, “For the October issue of Esquire, they decided to release 100,000 issues with the world’s first E-Ink magazine cover. The E-Ink display is the same technology used in the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader…” Here’s his video clip of the tech (which we think is a novelty right now, but this should change), more here..