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Gorillaz Plastic Beach makes iTunes LP cool again, maybe…

There’s a lot of focus on Apple’s iTunes LP format today, so trust Damon Albarn, EMI and the Gorillaz to take it up a notch with announcement of all manner of new album-related goodliness being made available exclusively from today via iTunes – as the much-anticipated ‘Plastic Beach’ album ships today in the U.S. on EMI’s Virgin Records.

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Opinion: iTunes LP – succeed or fail? And how it can succeed

Two conflicting iTunes reports this morning take a look at the fortunes – or, arguable, lack of them, of Apple’s iTunes Plus format (soon to be upgraded, at least according to one industry exec).

Report one is the usual fire and brimstone and doom and gloom affair, in which Salon takes a look at the first six months of the format’s existence, and observing it has thus far failed to fully grab consumer or industry support.

“Like an enhanced CD or a DVD packaged with a physical album, iTunes LP’s bonus materials may interest super-fans, but they aren’t generating much buzz among mainstream consumers, and don’t appear to be stimulating LP sales at all. “It’s something most people will look at once,” is how one person put it.”

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