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No Zune HD for Europe, as Apple cleans house

steven-smith-zune-tatto2While Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer seems to hate the iPhone, his plan of attack on Apple’s music empire seems somewhat limited – the company has no plans to launch its not especially popular Zune HD in Europe.

According to Microsoft France’s head of E&D division, François Ruault, The Zune HD isn’t planned for sale in France (Europe), as reported by PC World.

This follows rumours the company planned to release the product in Europe in time for Christmas. (A passionate Zune fan is pictured right)

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Amazon iPod fire sale opens as new models loom

08ipodtouchheroWelcome to the new iPod age – or at least we’re swinging rapidly toward it, it seems.

Amazon today introduced new discount prices across its range of stocked iPods – another in a series of clear signals suggesting new models are on the way, as the webosphere gets frantic over the next-gen iPods with built-in cameras, oh yes.

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Analyst warning: iPod shortage hits Apple

Apple may face an iPod shortage this season, warns Kaufman analyst Shaw Wu in a note to clients released last night.

Wu warns of “stronger than expected” demand for the new range of iPods, observing Apple may have made a more conservative than required estimate of iPod sales during the quarter.

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Apple iTunes faces battle in Japan

Nokia’s ‘Comes With Music’ may already have generated its first fan-site, but questions remain on the future for mobile music services – surely the usability factor doesn’t yet match desktop alternatives, such as iTunes?

Apple does offer the iTunes Store for WiFi, and has before been rumoured to hold plans for its very own mobile music service, though this may prove less successful if aimed at iPhone users alone. As an incremental addition, iTunes for WiFi offers something like a mobile experience.

That no one beyond Nokia appears yet to be aiming to offer a full package (hot potato) mobile music service, incumbents must surely be mulling the latest figures to come out of Japan.

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Apple’s iTunes will face Norwegian gov’t investigation

Norwegian consumer champs want iTunes song sales opened up for playback on non-iPods

Norwegian consumer champs want iTunes song sales opened up for playback on non-iPods

Apple has issued a response to the Norwegian Consumer Ombudsman in relation to plans to launch action against iTunes before the country’s Market Council, says PC World.

Apparently Apple’s answer to accusations its media service breaches the Norwegian Marketing Control Act has failed to impress consumer advocates in Norway.

In a statement issued at the end of September Consumer Ombudsman Bjørn Erik Thon explained:

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iPod product failing explained

Apple’s iPod has generated a huge ecosystem of third-party products, but customers who own these products, particularly high-priced devices such as advanced speaker systems or Numark’s iPod DJ mixers, may be infuriated at a recent Apple step to disable some support for these products in its latest range of iPods.

Digital music fans connecting their new iPod nano to an existing peripheral, for example the iDJ (which cost more than an iPod) will be greeted with a message warning them that their iPod will not be recharged when inserted in the peripheral device. And customers have never been warned about this step.

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iPod’s shrinking importance – Needham & Co

Apple’s iPod is becoming the poor relation as the company slugs away at promoting the iPhone, remarked Needham & Co. analyst, Charles Wolf, in a note to clients released this afternoon.

Wolf explained that in his opinion the two “most important aspects of Apple’s “Let’s Rock” event in San Francisco were Steve Jobs’ health and a software update for the iPhone.”

The analyst pointed out that an energetic Jobs may be a little slimmer than before (rather like the iPod range he was promoting), but slim needn’t mean grim.
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Did Apple’s ‘Let’s Rock’ rock?

Apple confirmed all the rumours – except the most optimistic ones, introducing its new iPod range, iTunes 8 and new firmware for the iPhone and iPod touch.

There were no surprises to speak of – though it is perhaps criminal that the much improved user interface to iTunes which makes the new iPods easier to use than ever for blind or partially-sighted people wasn’t included within the pre-event rumours

As expected, iTunes 8 hosts Genius music recommendation technology – technology an Apple iTunes person said had been developed in-house by Apple.
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Apple: iPod nano, iTunes 8, MacBook touch?

The Apple rumour machine continues to revolve, and the speculative ‘evidence’ is mounting up that confirms the September 9 event will see the introduction of new iPod nanos, iTunes 8 and all the other bits and pieces that have been discussed.

EnGadget has a new image – sure, it could be a fake, but it looks pretty much in-line with what we’re expecting right now – a longer and thinner iPod nano with a larger side-mounted screen. Though whether the images emerged in response to the rumour or vice versa, we can’t say.

We know Apple PR has been active in recent weeks, meeting with journalists from across the sector while quietly confirming the numbers for the event. In other words, they’re planning to turn up the heat..While we can see the shape, we can’t yet predict what features to expect from Apple’s new range – given the company’s seeming strategy to reinvent iPods as connected devices, we’re curious if WiFi connectivity will feature across the range? .
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