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Apple updates iPhone SDK

Apple has released new tools for developers creating applications for the iPhone and iPod touch, iPhone SDK 2.2. The release follows last week’s introduction of the new 2.2 software for users running the devices.

The 1.6GB download is optimized for devices with firmware 2.2 installed and requires the host Mac be running Mac OS X 10.5.5 (the latest version of the OS). The SDK is made available free to registered developers.

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iPhone gaming explosion as devs follow the money

Apple keeps pitching to establish the iPhone and iPod touch as gaming platforms, while games developers seem receptive to the company’s charms – and they’re following the money.

Developer Cassidy Lackey of Handmark claims the cash gained from games development on Apple’s mobile platforms is temptation enough to bring in new devs, observing that while its GTS World Racing game is available for a variety of smartphones, “our iPhone version generates 98% of our revenue,” Gamesutra informs.

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So far, iPhone apps ‘scratch surface’ of the possible…

We spend a lot of our time here stressing the chance the iPhone offers bands (such as Fall Out Boy, illustrated) and other creative people for creating links with their audiences and putting their art across – well, that’s all very good and well, but how do you do it on a budget, how do you build an iPhone app?

Apress has introduced a huge volume which should help you understand how to develop such applications, and explains what the iPhone as a platform can do – and the authors say applications we’ve seen for the device so far are simply ‘scratching the surface’ of what’s possible.

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New research details who are the iPhone users

Apple’s iPhone holds all the advantages with UK user satisfaction in the UK off the charts, newly-published research reveals.

Digital media industry executives from firms including BBC, BskyB, Google, Orange and others met last night at a packed invite-only event – mashup* – where they discussed the commercial opportunities of the iPhone and similar devices.

mashup* is a membership-based discussion community of executives, entrepreneurs and investors affected by and working within the digital technology sector.

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